Dusty Breaks & Vintage Drums 2

Featuring super tight live performances, funky grooves and soulful patterns!

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The wait is finally over ! After the smashing success of Dusty Breaks & Vintage Drums and after an overwhelming popular demand for more, Future Loops is delighted to present Dusty Breaks & Vintage Drums 2! The second installment from our best-selling old-school, vinyl flavored drum goodness!

Dusty Breaks & Vintage Drums 2 is here to bring you even more tasty beats and stickylicious live drums! That's right , Future Loops returns with an hefty dose of crate digging awesomeness , with drums so phat you won't be able to leave the studio for weeks, crackling textures that would make a certain Chester named cheetah with an appetite for fried cheesy snacks melt in delight, and a Lo-Fi warmth reminiscent of an era when Hip Hop actually had groove and the living was easy!

Expect : Funk . Dust . Chill . Hiss . Character .

Don't Expect : No Funk . No Dust . No Chill . No Hiss . No Character .

Dusty Breaks & Vintage Drums 2 features several different drum kits, each with its own distinct sound and vibe. These kits were expertly processed to be as irresistible imperfect as possible : distortions , spring reverbs , compression and other retro elements were used to bring you an authentic and truly vintage sound!

With over 900 drum loops & fills at 77BPM, 90BPM and 95BPM adding this premium drum pack to your sample collection is a no-brainer .... Featuring super tight live performances , funky grooves , soulful patterns and chillaxed breaks there is just no limit on how you can use these babies!

Besides WAV , loops are also included as REX for optimal tempo flexibility and the cherry on top...over 650 pre-sliced drum one-shots taken from each drum kit: They're like a room full of little puppies looking at you with their little puppy eyes begging for you to play with them: so go on , show off your skills and make killer beats from scratch: you've got punchy kicks, crispy snares, hats, toms, sexy rims and more!

Need we say more? Just listen to the demos provided: listening is believing!


- 1.62 GB of content

- 900 drum loops & fills at 77BPM, 90BPM and 95BPM


- 949 Drum Loops:

- 296 Fills

- 653 Loops

- 675 Drum Hits


- 859 Drum Loops

- 247 Fills

- 612 Loops

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  Full Pack :  1.25 GB

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