Gas Tank Orchestra

Wildestyle N.O. do-it-yourself electro-acoustic orchestration elements

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Do something with that $#;+!  Gas Tank Orchestra is a trash-picking do-it-yourself reprocessing project featuring electro-acoustic instruments built from junked automobile gas tanks salvaged from New Orleans' side streets. The tanks have been fitted with strings, pipes, hoses, mouthpieces, etc. and born again as bass, harp, zither, brass, reeds, kalimba, flute, didgeridoo, and percussion. This library resonates with spirits reincarnated via GTO's electro-acoustic wombtombs. One-shots, notes, lines, and loops in Gregory Wildes' eclectic freestyle, some rendered straight to disk, others highly tweaked. Tank up your mix with this essential distillation of refreshed fundamentals.



"Kalimba" - Lines and notes

Bowed Basslines
Chopstick Basslines
Fuzzystick Basslines
Tapestick Basslines

Bowed Harplines
Plucked Harplines
Struck Harplines

"Zither" - Lines and notes

"Didgeridoo" - Lines

"Flute" - Lines

"Trombone-Hose" - Lines

"Trumpet-Hose" - Lines and notes

"Bamboo-Clarinet" - Lines and notes

"Oboe" - Lines

"Sax-Hose" - Lines

"Saxophone" - Lines

"Short-Clarinet" - Lines and notes

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Electronic Musician 4.5 out of 5 Zack Price
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SLAMM Magazine Sven-Erik Seaholm