A deeply sampled Fender Telecaster

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The Telmatic is a deeply sampled Fender Telecaster. It has 120 different layers, sustains, retriggered sustains, releases, slides up, slides down, hammer ons, pull offs, mutes, pre notes...

We sampled each strings separately up to the highest fret.
It features a chord recognition algorythm that can regognize any chord you play on the keyboard and translates it to a guitar tab, allowing the selection of each string, juts like on a real guitar.
We also modified the guitar itself and separated the two pickups which allows you to mix them or choose only one.
We implemented a powerful strum engine based on calculations on real playing as well as a way to create arpeggios and realistic guitar parts.
All of this makes it an amazing tool for non guitarists to be able to create guitar parts without touching a real one!

Mixing Settings

Solo interface
The solo mode is a smart mode that finds the smartest way to play on the neck (and actually what a good player would do). It simulates the hand movements, tries to minimize it and takes in account the legatoand slides.

- Legato mode: you can choose wether playing a legato will trigger Hammer ons, slides or sustains.
- The legato distance will define the maximum interval that in which the legato will apply.
- If enabled, the octave trigger will play an additional note at the octave to everything you play.

Mixing Settings

Chord interface
- The piano like mode is simple, you play a chord, the engine will recognize it and play it right away, you can retrigger it by replaying any note that is part of the chord.
- The guitar like mode is a little different, playing a chord on the keyboard will only dfine what chord will be played and you need to press C5 to strum that chord down and D5 to strum it Up or the notes above to play all of the strings separately (for arpeggios for example). This mode is a little less easy to play but will lead to a more realistic playing.
- Trigger mode:
- the single mode will leave you only the C4 to trigger the chords and it will play it up and down alternatively depending on the position in the current bar.
- the two notes mode will trigger strum down in with C4 and strum up with D4.
- the repeat strum mode will trigger strum down on note on and strum up on note off(C4).
- Strum speed: the automatic strums can be played at different speeds.
- One shot strum: using this mode, the chords will not be stopped when you release the keys allowing you to easily switch chords without silence.
- Accent determines how hard you need to play the chord to play all 6 strings, if set at the max value, low velocities will only play the top 3 strings.
- The midi options:
- Triggers octave allows you to change the octave of the triggers, it is by default set at C4 to C5.
- Capo: this is a virtual capo and it can be used to transpose or not depending on the capo transpose option.
- The chord slide amount determines the interval of slide when you have a chord going on and press G#4 and A#4.

Mixed interface
This play mode splits the keyboard in two parts. Under the D1 key, you can play chords and above it, you can play a solo. All the parameters are the ones from the solo and chord parts except for the Chord mode that will not work in Guitar like.

Keyboard interface
This play mode is simple, it plays solo just like a very simple library would do.

Sequenz interface
- This play mode is a simple 2 bars chord sequencer.
- Mute: if selected, the chord will be muted
- Up: if selected, it plays a strum up and the height of the bar defines the velocity
- Down: if selected, it plays a strum down and the height of the bar defines the velocity
- Lenght: if selected, it defines the percentage of the bar the chord will last, if unselected, the chord will not stop
- Shuffle sets the groove and you still have access to the capo and strum speed.

Effects panel
By clicking on the white arrow, you get access to an effect panel in which you can change some aspects of the library and a few effects.

- The volume of the Release samples
- The volume of the pre notes (the little sounds that you make with your left hand when selecting a chord)
- The Fret noises volume
- The volume of the bridge pickup
- The volume of the neck pickup
- The sensitivity to control the dynamics of the guitar
- The amount of distortion
- The chorus and a control over the speed and amount
- The Amp simulation with different cabinets to choose from
- A tape delay and a spring reverb


Technical description:

- 8.28Gb, 9562 samples.
- Strumming engine (features chord recognition and a smart strumming technique to produce guitar-like chords) and complete control of all its parameters.
- Legato script to play natural hammer ons pull offs and slides.
- Natural hand placement simulation.
- 5 velocity layersfor the sustain up.
- 5 velocity layersfor the sustain down.
- 5 velocity layersfor the sustain up retriggered.
- 5 velocity layersfor the sustain down retriggered.
- 10 release samples per note.
- Multi velocity Hammer on, pull off, slides up, slides down, mutes, ghost notes, pre notes.
- Cabinet simulation.
- Multieffect chain (expandable in the FX tab).
- Control over the different pickups.
- Advanced bend control.
- Advanced UVI scripting giving you access to a simple yet powerfull interface and advanced features.
- and more...

Copy protection:

All of our libraries are protected with iLok, an iLok usb key is required, as well an an iLok account. You can buy one anywhere (both V1 and V2 are working).

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