Diva Revamp: The Angels Sing Once More

An all-inclusive package that includes three must-have vocal libraries

  • Kontakt 2
$ 199.95

"DIVA was created with the composer in mind..." - Kaveh Cohen - Composer

"...a must have for anyone serious about composing for movies." - ScreenTalk Magazine


One all-inclusive DVD that includes:
DIVA Classical Female Soloists DIVA Extended DIVA by design

From angelic to ominous, Diva captures the true splendor of the female voice. This stirring double CD sample library offers many possibilities via the use of two classically trained female soloists. All characteristics of the female voice are here. Two classically trained female soloists recorded independently. DIVA will afford the user with the subtle nuances between each soloist whilst surrounded by the natural ambience of a 19th century church. Two distinct variations of vibrato and attack, mixed with multiple levels expression. DIVA consists of vowels, marcato vowels, and "true" syllables.Finally, yet importantly, Performance Files. Possibly the most exciting section of DIVA is a trilogy of mood driven phrases. All captured with natural legato and a varying degree of breathing, and mouth noises.

DIVA Extended
Diva Extended offers the user a greater level of playability and control. You will enjoy the unique sound of straight tone vocals with variations of vibrato start times. In addition, you now have the flexibility of controlling vibrato via the mod wheel. There are many special instruments at your fingertips.

Straight Tone
Delayed Vibrato
Recorded intervals
Key switching

DIVA by design
DIVA by design, created for multitrack editors such as ProTools and Vegas Audio, will push you creativity to a new and exciting level.The library features sound designed vocal cues, special effects and moving vowels. The most exciting aspect to this library is that the audio files can be imported into an audio editor and manipulate into additional performances. Drag and drop in random order and create anew. All vocal and sound design audio files are presented in - natural or Sound Designed version (panned, reversed, ambient) add a stereo image plug in and not only generate distance but control the amount of ambience as well.

What is Something Strange?
Something Strange is a custom set of sound designed effects. The sounds range from wind chimes and male vocal drones to scary piano cues and hits.

The Script
With the DIVA Revamp Script (DRS), each note played can be assigned an individual set of parameters. Based around Vocal Legato Control (VLC), the user can allocate Sample Attack, Legato Time and Legato Shape for each note played within a vocal melody - up to 16 steps.


Two female soloists
A heavy vibrato built into the performance with sustained samples that range an octave and a quarter
Crescendo/diminuendo sustains
Marcato samples
Moving Vowels
Performance files
Close and Far mic samples
Release triggers

DIVA Extended:
Soloists one (Rebecca Siler) from DIVA.
Two octave range on sustained vowels
Straight tone
1 second straight tone before vibrato
2 second straight tone before vibrato
4 second straight tone before vibrato
Mod controlled vibrato
Mod wheel down = no vib
Mod wheel up = vibrato
Recorded intervals
Fast staccato
Far mic samples
Release triggers

DIVA by design:
Sung phrases natural
Sung phrases sound designed
Vocal effects
Musical and non musical effects

Release Format
Native Instruments Kontakt 2 and 3
Version 2: 2.21 or higher



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  Kontakt 2