Alma Flamenco

Flamenco loops & samples of guitars, voices and percussion

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$ 59.95

"If you're looking to bring flamenco fire to your productions, Alma Flamenco can light the flame." - EQ Magazine

"The recording standard is very high, and the performances are professional and authentic sounding." - Sound On Sound Magazine

"The performances are consistently top-notch and capture the traditional song-form styles beautifully." - Electronic Musician Magazine


Authenticity! Authenticity! Authenticity! That's exactly what you get. Recorded by top producers in Madrid, you get everything you need to faithfully reproduce an entire Flamenco ensemble– Flamenco guitar loop phrases, Flamenco guitar FX, individual Flamenco guitar notes, vocal phrases, bongo loops, bongo FX, bongo hits, cajon hits, tacona, palmas and (of course) castanets. So many tempos provide a wide mood of traditional Flamenco dances. Experience dramatic tempos and rock solid rhythm section loops that will turn your blood to Sangria!

529 phrases, REX2 with 342 files and ACID (WAV) with 601 files.

You cannot get the "Alma" (soul) of flamenco without this marvelous library!!!


CD-ROM (ACID: 601 files, REX2: 342 files)
Bongo (Loops: 28, One shot Phrase &Samples: 61)
Cajon (Loops: 21 , One shot Phrase &Samples: 19)
Castanuela (Loops: 13, One shot Phrase & Samples: 22)
Guitarras (Loops: 122, One shot Phrase & Samples: 80)
Palmas (Loops: 28, One shot Phrase &Samples: 24)
Snaps (Loops: 7, One shot Phrase &Samples: 21)
Taconeo (Loops: 16, One shot Phrase &Samples: 15)
Voces [Female] (Loops: 27)
Voces [male] (Loops: 76, One shot Phrase & Samples: 10)
Voces [Group] (Loops: 5, One shot Phrase & Samples: 6)

65 tracks, 529 files (One shot, Phrase: 527, DEMO: 1 track, OUT TAKE: 1 track)
1 Guitarra
2 Guitarras
Voces - Male
Voces - Female
bongo Marroqui

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Article Rating Author
Electronic Musician Magazine 4.5 out of 5 David Rubin
EQ Magazine Mitch Gallagher
Sound On Sound Magazine Paul White