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The notable quality to which Big Fish has accustomed us is obviously also present in the valuable product that is offered in a presentation box containing 2 CDs: on Audio and one Rom (Wav/Acid) absolutely full of data, 500 between rhythms and fills for a total of 74 minutes.

Beyond a notable range of styles, that go from Rock with the double pedal to the Shuffle Blues in 12/8, from Funky to Hip Hop, arriving up to "Swing" rhythmics and to odd beats and phrasings in 3 or 5, there also is a certain variety in terms of bpm (from 66 to 120).

As for the sonorities, these are rather varied, being achieved with different drum kits (one of these in Aluminum!) and cymbals, and loops are divided in two great blocks: "Reverberates" and "Flats" (leaving unchanged the timbre qualities of the instrument and of the recording-room). Having tested personally most parts of these grooves, they can be easily utilized inside the various musical programs (Cubase, Pro-Tools, Acid, etc.) either on PC or Mac, we have noticed that the work is characterized by a well defined sound and by solid and precise "drumming." And the absolute novelty of the product: the CD has been completely produced and registered by one of our home musicians: Andrea Ge.

Apart from the rather nice surprise, Big Fish being very selective in regard to their collaborators, we were amazed after further to research (articles appeared January 2000 and June 2001 on Drum Club), that this eclectic drummer is enjoying great success abroad (1 CD made with big stars of the Rock scene: Mc Auley of MSG, Paul Shortino of the "Quiet Riot" and the mythical Glenn Hughes at the bass and at the voice of the mythical "Deep Purple," and various thours in Switzerland and Germany with the "Exilia" Alternative Rock band).

To top it, the agreeable cover that well gives the idea of the sound impact of the product, we consider under all aspects, this product very versatile and complete.

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