Big Fish Audio - Abstraction 01 - Sounds that can immediately reinsert surprise into any music project
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Our Massive Christmas Sale Is On!
Up To 70% Off Loops & Instruments! Shop Now


Abstraction 01

Sounds that can immediately reinsert surprise into any music project
$49.95 - $69.95
Acid, WAV, REX, Apple Loops
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Galbanum's Abstraction Sample Line is a downloadable series of ultramodern samples, loops, hits, and construction kits provided in industry standard formats including Apple Loops, Acid Loops, REX2, and .WAV.

Abstraction 01, focuses on unconventional atonal loop-adders, rhythmic textures, glitched-out underground sounds, and unusual percussion hits which are designed to be mixed with conventional music elements to synergistically co-create tomorrow's post-modern platinum grooves.

Modern electronic and urban music production is highly dependent on technical sound-design elements to infuse novelty and uniqueness into the music of today and tomorrow. Modish sound-design elements define style and are what makes a given project in-the-now. A posh groove and a stupendous shock-and-awe campaign of information-age sonic non-conformities are prerequisite to success in today's market. The Abstraction Sample Line is designed to advance these bleeding-edge sound-design elements and make them effortlessly accessible without requiring a PhD in rocket science or esoteric digital signal processing. To further accomplish this goal and stay perpetually in-the-now, Abstraction Sample Line products are available for instant direct download from Galbanum's web-store. This ensures that the contents stay fresh and stylistically up-to-date, and allows the product line to be regularly updated with inexpensive additions and expansions.

Good music is always a balance between predictability and surprise; music which is too predicable is boring and that which has no predictability at all is chaotic. In modern times, most of the traditional elements of music have become, to one extent or another, predictable. There are no lost chords, extra hidden notes in the octave, or missing rhythms. Today creative instruments have expanded beyond the guitar, bass, keys, and drums to encompass new creative tools such as tempo-synched visual FFT filters, exotic DSP processes, chaotic systems, and obscure mathematical constructs. These new instruments are played with the same passion and creativity as the traditional ones. The question today becomes how can these new tools be used, misused, and abused to produce material which is in some way impossible to accomplish otherwise? How can it give artists an eleventh finger or second right foot; how can it translate into new surprises that elicit larger emotional responses from the listeners; and how can it add the perfect spark of chaos that sublimely elevates a project out of banality? The Abstraction Sample Line represents a thorough exploration of these magic smoke-and-mirror illusions of esoteric studio wizardry. It expertly packages this unique and unusual content into instantly accessible add-on loops, and offers sounds that can immediately reinsert surprise into any music project.

Abstraction 01 content is suitable for: Minimal House, Minimal Techno, Minimal Trance, Electro House, Tech House, Progressive House, Deep House, Progressive Trance, DnB and Breaks, Ambient and Chill Out, Glitch Hop, Trip Hop, Electronica and IDM, Left Field, Abstract Rock, Film and Game Scoring, Sound FX, and any other cross-genre music style that successfully borrows from these influences.
- Over 500MB of new cutting edge 44.1K/24bit content. Over 250 Loops plus 500 Single-Hit samples.

- Loops available in Apple Loops, Acid Loops, or REX2 formats. All loops are 4 or 8 measures long and are designed to allow using partial segments of the full loop to give thousands of variations

This product is compatible with:

- Acid
- Adobe Audition
- Akai MPC4000
- Akai Z4-Z8
- Battery
- Cubase
- Digital Performer
- Drumcore
- EXS24
- FL Studio
- GarageBand
- Gigastudio 3
- HALion
- Intakt
- Kontakt
- Live
- Logic
- MachFive
- Nuendo
- ProTools
- Reaper
- Reason
- Record
- Recycle
- SampleTank
- Sonar
- Soundtrack
- Studio One
- Transfuser

Download Sizes

Version Compressed Download Size
Apple Loops/REX/WAV/Acid Download includes
  All:  1.28 GB
REX Download includes
  REX:  349.2 MB
WAV/Acid Download includes
  WAV/ACID:  474.3 MB
Apple Loops Download includes
  Apple Loops:  483.4 MB

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