Big Fish Audio - Ambient Glitch Vol.6 - Relentless basses, heavy drums, crispy guitars epic synths, and glitchy beats
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Producer Loops

Ambient Glitch Vol.6

Relentless basses, heavy drums, crispy guitars epic synths, and glitchy beats
Ambient Glitch Vol.6 - Relentless basses, heavy drums, crispy guitars epic synths, and glitchy beats
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Electronica/EDM , and Ambient
Acid, WAV, REX, Apple Loops, Refill
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'Ambient Glitch Vol 6' was produced for Producer Loops by sound designer and producer, Jeff Rhodes. After spinning off the 'Clanks' series on his own label, Mr. Rhodes returns to finish the second "Ambient Glitch" trilogy with a bang. More relentless live basses, heavy drums and crispy guitars are supplied to complement all the usual epic synths and glitchy beats, percussion and sound FX. Tempos range from 80 to 160 BPM, with most of them in the 110 to 140

'Ambient Glitch Vol 6' includes loops and samples that will work within the following genres: Ambient, Glitch, Industrial, Cinematic, Drum and Bass, Grime, Trip Hop, Dubstep, Gothic, Hip Hop and Techno.
Format Options:
'Ambient Glitch Vol 6' includes a choice of ACIDized WAV, Apple Loops, REX or a Reason ReFill, all recorded in pristine 24-Bit quality.
About the Producer:
Jeff Rhodes has been working as a professional sound designer and soundtrack producer for just over a decade now. He is particularly well-known for his three "Pro Sessions" loop libraries that were released through M-Audio.
He has also released another nine loop sample sets independently with Todd Milne, with whom he co-founded Perimeter Sound Arts, as well as the 'World Tek' series and 'Experimental Dubstep' series on the Producer Loops label, the three-volume 'Dance Glitch' series, and of course the 'Ambient Glitch' series, Volumes 1-6.
This second trilogy of material in the "Ambient Glitch" series contains three very useful additional categories of content - real Bass & Guitar loops, and some Kick/Snare/Hi-Hat beat kits broken into separate tracks - and it's all bundled along with some newly forged clank percussions.
MP3 Demos:
Please note, the MP3 demos were created using selected loops and samples from the pack. No additional material was used and no effects were added to the parts. They were left dry to give you a real indication of what's included, and just a fraction of an idea of the kinds of tracks you'll be making in no time using just this material.
Jeff takes inspiration from anything dynamic and expressive, often times even from the work of artists in other disciplines:
"It's always an eye opener to witness someone at the peak of their accomplishments. The personal style they can add to something and make it feel almost like something else, like it's not yet exactly known and all mapped out. It makes me want to put a twist on everything I'm involved with, and to always be on my guard against getting in a rut."
The Production Process:
Jeff Rhodes, producer of 'Ambient Glitch Vol 6', describes the production process:
"Returning to the 'Ambient Glitch' sound was a labour of love, and one I took great satisfaction in. I had so many new production tricks to apply to those ringing clanks and grinding synths, as well as more experience using my original methods. For example - fewer filters were used this time, as I have become a bit more surgical with the distortion, and bit reduction FX. I've tried to improve my sense of -sound size- both by expanding the width, and adding distance to the perceived depth; using some subtle, yet effective chorus and reverb FX techniques I've developed...
...While I'm not known for my playing, I did sample some bass notes and guitar bits for these new collections. Of course I'm (still) a HardKore synth fan, but after a while it just seemed silly to keep piling on the oscillators when I have a guitar and bass handy in the studio. Especially after having made hundreds and hundreds of custom patches for my Line 6 POD Farm/Gearbox amp sim gear. So I'll be looking forward to hearing what people do with those loops, and I made sure there are some in the demos and freebee packs...
...In the end, I didn't hardly even think about making anything 'glitchy'. The style has evolved enough to where occasional little repeats, ghost hits, and artifacts from compression/distortion are just second nature now. If there's such a thing as "natural glitch", then I think this is one step closer to it and hopefully these new loop sample sets find you thinking less about the glitch, and more about how much better and more interesting your tracks sound with a little AG flavour added to them."
Special Thanks goes to Horatiu-Cristian Petrila for his great demo track.
Product Details:
1.03GB (Unzipped)
Number of Files: 938

Download Sizes

Version Compressed Download Size
Apple Loops Download includes
  Apple:  537 MB
Refill Download includes
  Refill:  779 MB
REX Download includes
  REX:  438.2 MB
WAV/Acid Download includes
  WAV/Acid:  537.1 MB

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