Big Fish Audio - Bass House Ableton Template - Duko - Body Mover - Master techniques, full song composition and more with these templates
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Up To 30% Off Every Order!
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Bass House Ableton Template - Duko - Body Mover

Master techniques, full song composition and more with these templates
Bass House Ableton Template - Duko - Body Mover - Master techniques, full song composition and more with these templates
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After conquering charts with his unique Bass House sound, Duko will reveal to you the inner workings of his hottest banger; Body Mover.

This Bass House Ableton template, created by Duko, contains very advanced techniques and showcases high value production. With this template you will be able to dissect the full song, presets, melodies, mixing techniques, beats and percussion, mastering techniques and the full song composition.

“Body Mover” has most instruments written in midi, to trigger midi samples or VST presets, so that you can see what chording, layering and writing is done to achieve this certain sound. Growling bass made from scratch, pitch and filter automation, banging rave synths, smashing drums and hype builds; all have a place in this storming Bass House smasher. Some sounds are samples, others are home recorded or created from scratch with NI Massive or Xfer Serum. Go inside and see how everything is created, including the FM synthesis. All presets and samples used are royalty free and included.

Side-chaining in this song is partly drawn by hand as it is a common used technique for Bass House. Go in and learn how the pros do it!

You will be able to dissect the overall song structure. The song is marked in professionally named parts such as: intro, build up, drop, drop 2.0, switch, breakdown, outro.

Take apart and learn from the drum programming, layering and processing, which is so typical for Bass House. Learn to program the rhythm and beats like Jauz, Habstrakt, Skrillex, Jack U, Kill the Noise, Herobust, Ephwurd, Ghastly, JVST SAY YES etc. All drums and percussion are routed to a bus channel, which has fully automated filters and effects applied. Go inside and see how the filters create crescendo's and hype! All percussion used uses our own created samples, which are 100% royalty free and are included in the project.

All the similar sounding elements are grouped and bussed for ease of use. On the bus channels you will also find processing for leveling and balancing the sound.

Fully custom vocal chops included, with processing chain applied.

Full master chain included with EQ, Multiband, saturation, 1 Limiter for clipping and 1 for maximum loudness.

In short, this high quality template reveals all secrets and will give you the insight and skill of a professional Bass House producer!


- Ableton 9 template with synths written in MIDI (you will need: NI Massive, Xfer Serum)
- Ableton 9 template with synths rendered into audio
- Folder with samples
- Folder with presets
- Instructional video
- All samples included are licensed from production master and black octopus sound.

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