Big Fish Audio - BeatBox Anthology 2 - An incredible collection of vintage, modern and customized drum machine sounds
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BeatBox Anthology 2

An incredible collection of vintage, modern and customized drum machine sounds
BeatBox Anthology 2 - An incredible collection of vintage, modern and customized drum machine sounds
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UVI, Plug-in
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An incredible collection of vintage, modern and customized drum machine sounds representing over 50 years of grooveboxes, beat machines, drum modules, synth drums and more, from analog to digital, mainstream to obscure, BeatBox Anthology 2 delivers them all in an extraordinarily versatile and easy-to-use percussion instrument. Explore the history of hardware drum synthesis while you design your own kits, layer different machine sounds together, and even create entirely new hybrids with precision envelopes and sample offsets, all with expertly recorded and exquisitely sliced samples that deliver the authentic and unmistakable sound of hardware.


Rise of the Machines
Over the past half century hardware drum machines have exploded in popularity, complexity and breadth of application. Beginning as humble organ accessories they now define entire sub-genres and represent unmistakable cultural icons. Their sonic ranges having evolved from simple analog clicks and pops to analog-digital sampler hybrids capable of generating nearly any sound imaginable. In short, they've revolutionized the way we make music and forever changed our musical landscape with their unique voices. Hailing from every corner of the globe these machines are the foundation of BeatBox Anthology 2, a beat fiends dream, delivering a comprehensive collection created with more than a hundred models ranging from ‘60s prototypes to the current generation of future classics.

Sonic Perfection
Each machine was meticulously inspected and serviced to ensure the best performance possible before being handed over to our sound designers. After exploring the sonic capabilities and unique traits of these machines our team deeply sampled and processed them with the highest quality equipment available, including premium DI boxes, hardware processors and ADCs. Each sample was then hand-trimmed and sculpted to perfection, accentuating the soul of these machines with a mastered finish. The result is over 200 sonically decadent kits and 11,000 samples, each with a clear, impactful hardware sound.

Modern, Unified Interface
BeatBox Anthology 2 has been designed with a sleek and ergonomic unified interface to help you hit the ground running. Spend your time being productive and making music instead of navigating complex menu structures and mastering a dizzying number of voice topologies. Quickly browse the library by machine or drum type to find fuel for your inspiration, easily master the unified editor page to sculpt, tweak and create new sounds with up to 3 layers, add fx, then program beats up to 64 steps long with the built-in sequencer – even drag-and-drop the MIDI to your DAW of choice!

Advanced Drum Design
For the majority of users the factory kits and patterns will have you covered, but for those that want to go deeper BeatBox Anthology 2 provides an extraordinarily powerful and flexible 3-oscillator architecture on each of its 12 tracks. The bass drum and snare tracks each sport 2 discrete sample layers and a unique tone generator, allowing you to easily control the fundamental pitch, while the remaining 9 tracks offer 3 sample layers each with independent volume, pitch, distortion, HPF and LPF filters, sample start time (offset), and AHD envelope with switchable decay shape, allowing you to sculpt, layer or blend any of the drum samples together to create entirely new hybrids, all with real hardware sounds.

Built-in Sequencer
BeatBox Anthology 2 includes a lean and mean variable 64-step sequencer loaded with preset patterns. Whether you just need a basic sequence playing while you design your kit or you want to go deep and create finished beats for your track it's both fast and easy to use. Quickly set your pattern length, load a preset or sketch in your sequence, nudge tracks, apply functions, and when you're done you can drag-and-drop the MIDI directly to your desktop or DAW.

BeatBox Anthology 2 delivers a massive collection of pristine hardware drum machine sounds wrapped in a powerful and modern software instrument, giving you incredible sounds out of the box and a deep toolbox to explore entirely new territory.

32 new hardware machines
Including DrumBrute, MatrixBrute, D.Rhythm Five, Clap Machine, PT Seven, DST, AnalogR, EMD, 8 Bit Box, EM7C, Drumzmo, Transwave Drums, DK5S, XD Five, Mini Pops 20S, Mini Pops 7, UVS3200, Gadget Beat, Kick Machine 2, U1250, LM One, Optigan, Sakata, SCTOM, SM305, Gadget 12, VerDrum One, Ratck, YCS 20m, YDD Eleven, FM 4OP and YPT Eight

- 250+ kits and 160+ patterns
- Sleek and ergonomic unified interface design
- Step Sequencer with MIDI drag-and-drop
- Per-track effects including 3-band EQ, compressor and sends
- Master EQ and Bit Crusher



- AceT 1
- AceT 2
- AceT 6
- AceT 8
- XR Ten
- HR Sixteen
- HR SixteenB
- SR Drums
- Amdk 100
- DrumBrute
- MatrixBrute
- Bhm Drums
- D.Rythm 110
- D.Rythm 220
- D.Rythm 220E
- D.Rhythm Five
- D.Rythm Pad
- Clap Machine
- PT Seven
- RZ One
- OMB Two
- Dyn ADD1
- Drmlator
- AnalogR
- 8 Bit Box
- EM7C
- Drumstar
- OMB Five
- Organ Drums
- Drumzmo
- Transwave Drums
- ETI Drum Synth
- Drumaker
- Drum Performer
- Rythm Eighty
- DK5S
- R Hundred
- XD Five
- K-DDD One
- K-DDM Hundred
- K-DDM2 Hundred
- KPR Seven 2
- KPR Three 2
- KPR Five 2
- Mini Pops 20S
- Mini Pops 7
- K-MR Sixteen
- UVS3200
- K-S Three
- Gadget Beat
- Kick Machine 2
- U1250
- L 9000
- L Drum
- LM On
- Optigan
- Synsonic
- Mini Pops
- The Kit
- TR Clone
- Drum MX
- P Drum X
- P Fight
- Concert Mate
- Classic R-78
- Classic R-8000
- The 5o5
- The 55
- The 6o6
- The 626
- The 66
- The 7o7
- The 727
- The 77
- The 8o8
- The 9o9
- Sakata
- DR Tracks
- MPD Forty
- SMS Clap
- SMS 400
- SMS 800
- SMS 9
- SMS Trix
- Arranger Drums
- SM305
- Tam Star 200
- Tam Star 500
- Tam Star 204
- Tom ED
- Gadget 12
- UniVox
- VerDrum One
- VermoDrums
- Ratck
- Wers Drums
- Wers Matic
- YCS 20m
- YDD Ten
- YDD Eleven
- FM 4OP
- YMR Ten
- YPT Eight
- YQY Ten
- YRX Five
- YRX Seven
- YRX Eight


- 3.1 GB
- 11862 Samples
- 1355 Loops
- 282 Kits
- 161 Patterns
- 44.1 kHz. Recording at 96 kHz
- 3 activations per license on any combination of computer hard drive or iLok dongle

System Requirements

- Runs in UVI Workstation version 2.6.11+, and Falcon version - 1.3.0+
- iLok account (free, dongle not required)
- Internet connection for the license activation
- Supported Operating Systems:
- Mac OS X 10.7 or higher (32 and 64-bit)
- Windows 7 or higher (32 and 64-bit)
- 4 GB of disk space
- Hard Drive: 7,200 rpm recommended or Solid State Drive (SSD)
- 4GB RAM (8 GB+ highly recommended for large UVI Soundbanks)

Download Sizes

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  UVI Workstation for Windows (x64):  

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License Agreement

The Following End User License Agreement is included with BeatBox Anthology 2. This License is only valid for the individual who has purchased an unopened, new and lawfully made copy of BeatBox Anthology 2 from a dealer or distributor authorized by Big Fish Audio.


This copy of the Sounds & Software (the Product) are licensed to you as the end user. Please read this Agreement carefully.

You cannot transfer ownership of these Sounds and Software they contain. You cannot re-sell or copy the Product.


1. License Grant. UVI, brand (UVI) grants to you, subject to the following terms and conditions, a non-exclusive, nontransferable right to use each authorized copy of the enclosed Product.

The enclosed product is the property of UVI and is licensed to you only for use as part of a musical performance, live or recorded. This license expressly forbids resale or other distribution of the sounds and software included in the Product or their derivatives, either as they exist on disc, reformatted for use in another digital sampler, or mixed, combined, filtered, resynthesized or otherwise edited, for use as sounds, multisounds, samples, multisamples, wavetables, programs or patches in a sampler, microchip or any hardware or software sample playback device. You cannot sell the Product content or give it away for use by others in their sampling or sample playback devices. In the event UVI terminates this Agreement due to your breach, you agree to return the original and all other copies of the software and documentation to UVI. UVI reserves all rights not expressly granted to you.

2. Protection of Software. You agree to take all reasonable steps to protect this product and any accom- panying documentation from unauthorized copying or use. You agree not to modify the enclosed product to circumvent any method or means adopted or implemented by UVI to protect against or iscourage the unlicensed use of copying of the enclosed Product.

3. Ownership. As between you and UVI, ownership of, and title to, the enclosed digitally recorded sounds (including any copies) will be held by UVI. Copies are pro- vided to you only to enable you to exercise your rights under the license. Only this license is purchased by you.

4. Term. This Agreement is effective from the date you open this package, and will remain in full force until termination. This Agreement will terminate if you break any of the terms or conditions of this Agreement. Upon termination you agree to destroy and return to UVI all copies of this product and accompanying documentation.

5. Restrictions. Except as expressly authorized in this Agreement, you may not rent, sell, lease, sublicense, distribute, transfer, copy, reproduce, display, modify or time share the enclosed product or documentation. THE SOUNDS IN THIS INSTRUMENT ARE GUARANTEED TO BE 100% COPYRIGHT CLEAN ©

All rights reserved. All trademarks are the property of their respective holders. is registered trademarks of Univers Sons, SA"

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