Big Fish Audio - Bones Of Afrobeat - A foundational sample pack for creating vibrant Afrobeat music
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Bones Of Afrobeat

A foundational sample pack for creating vibrant Afrobeat music
Bones Of Afrobeat - A foundational sample pack for creating vibrant Afrobeat music
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Loopmasters proudly presents Bones of Afrobeat, a foundational sample pack for creating vibrant Afrobeat music. These royalty-free, high-quality samples curated by Joel Knee boast a versatile tempo range of 92-124 BPM, smoothly fitting into various forms of African music, as well as jazz and funk arrangements.

Joel Knee's musical journey has been shaped by the vibrant rhythms and improvisational spirit of jazz. Growing up with a deep appreciation for energetic groove music, he draws inspiration from the likes of Miles Davis and Trombone Shorty, coupled with explorations with Afro-Latin ensembles in London, creating a unique blend that resonates with both traditional jazz enthusiasts and contemporary music lovers alike.

Over the past half-decade, Joel has been a consistent presence on the UK scene, captivating audiences with his talent as a trombonist and improviser. Whether collaborating with ensembles spanning various genres or taking centre stage as a solo artist, he has honed his skills and crafted a distinctive style that embraces grit and groove, yet still soothes with a warm rich sound.

Within Bones of Afrobeat, producers will embark on an immersive journey through soulful multi-layered trombone phrases, dynamic improvisations, and evocative solos. Comprising 4 song kits, the pack features electric bass guitars, electric guitars, pianos, organs, electronic keyboards, and drum loops. Moreover, there’s an exciting range of mixed percussion, including shakers, bongos, congas, cowbells, guiros, agogos, and claves. Notably, Bones of Afrobeat distinguishes itself by not only showcasing a set of composed pieces but also by offering a tantalising array of bonus loops that showcase Joel's prowess as a multi-instrumentalist and producer.

In detail expect to find 2.28 GB of 24Bit 44.1KHZ wavs - 4 Song Kits, 122 Trombone Loops, 101 Guitar Loops, 55 Bongo Loops, 55 Conga Loops, 47 Electric Bass Loops, 42 Cowbell Loops, 42 Shaker Loops, 30 Keys Loops, 26 Agosha Shaker Loops, 21 Agogo Loops, 21 Organ Loops, 20 Piano Loops, 18 Drum Loops, 14 Mixed Percussion Loops, 11 Clave Loops, 10 Guiro Loops, 7 Electric Piano Loops, and 1 Choir Loop.
Product Details:

2.28 GB
24Bit 44.1KHZ
4 Song Kits
122 Trombone Loops
101 Guitar Loops
55 Bongo Loops
55 Conga Loops
47 Electric Bass Loops
42 Cowbell Loops
42 Shaker Loops
30 Keys Loops
26 Agosha Shaker Loops
21 Agogo Loops
21 Organ Loops
20 Piano Loops
18 Drum Loops
14 Mixed Percussion Loops
11 Clave Loops
10 Guiro Loops
7 Electric Piano Loops
1 Choir Loop

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  Full Pack:  2.44 GB

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License Agreement

The Following End User License Agreement is included with Bones Of Afrobeat. This License is only valid for the individual who has purchased an unopened, new and lawfully made copy of Bones Of Afrobeat from a dealer or distributor authorized by Big Fish Audio.

"All Rights not expressly granted to the user are reserved. The sound samples in this sample pack are licensed, not sold, to you to be reproduced within your original musical compositions only. All copying, lending, duplicating, re-selling or trading of this product or its content is strictly prohibited. Only the original purchaser of this product has the right to embody and reproduce the enclosed sound samples within their music compositions. The Licensee may use the Sounds in combination with other sounds in music productions (which include soundtracks of such as films, video productions, radio/TV programs or commercials, "

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