Big Fish Audio - Car Chase Scene Set - 472 Sound Effects of Intense Car Chases
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Sound Ideas

Car Chase Scene Set

472 Sound Effects of Intense Car Chases
Car Chase Scene Set - 472 Sound Effects of Intense Car Chases
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CHASE SCENE ELEMENTS - Your hands are sweaty on the wheel... the pedal's on the floor and you focus on the road - tires peeling out underneath you. Finally, with a quick glance back you realize... they're after you.

The sounds of a car chase are intense and easily recognizable. Cars crashing, tires skidding and peeling, an automobile leaving the pavement and bounding back down, and sometimes, a cliff drop, roll and fiery crash below. Because these sound effects are so specific, and so hard to get on your own, The Hollywood Edge is proud to offer all of the effects necessary to sound your own car chase scenes, including high speed chases and crashes, all ready for download.

The digitally, multi-track recorded and mastered sound effects include real impacts, crashes, cliff and water drops staged exclusively for this set. Cars were dropped from over 100 feet and crashed onto different surfaces, others were rolled off of 250 cliffs, and special ramps were constructed for jumps and crash maneuvers - just like scenes for major Hollywood productions. The multi tracks can be used individually or in any combination and consist of motor/exhaust, rear tires, interior driver's perspective, exterior bystander perspective and a mix of all of the tracks. Featured sound elements include: crashes (stationary and moving impacts), skids, peels, 180 degree spin-outs, surface changes (paved road and off road), cliff drops, water drops, cornering, other high speed maneuvers including driving at various speeds, hard ins and jumps/hills/bumps.

A variety of different types of vehicles are featured, including a compact automobile, a full size automobile, a sports utility vehicle/truck and a sports car.
- 472 Royalty free sound effects
- Digitally recorded in stereo
- Originally available on 5 CDs, this library is available as a Download

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  Part 1:  2 GB
  Part 2:  1.82 GB

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License Agreement

The Following End User License Agreement is included with Car Chase Scene Set. This License is only valid for the individual who has purchased an unopened, new and lawfully made copy of Car Chase Scene Set from a dealer or distributor authorized by Big Fish Audio.

"All of Sound Ideas' Sound Effect products are sold on a royalty free buyout basis, and a lifetime synchronization license (as described in the Sound Ideas End User Agreement and the Hanna-Barbera & Turner Sound Effects End User License Agreement) is included with your purchase. Mechanical rights are not included in the purchase of this synchronization license - and therefore except as specifically identified in the Sound Ideas and Hanna-Barbera & Turner Sound Effects End User License Agreements, you are not authorized to copy our sound effects - they must be synchronized within your productions. Performing rights are not applicable to public broadcast or performance of sound effects."

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