Big Fish Audio - Drum & Bass Ultra Pack 3 - 2.08 Gb of distorted and automated basses, twisted beats, synths and more
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Save Up To 70% In Our
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Drum & Bass Ultra Pack 3

2.08 Gb of distorted and automated basses, twisted beats, synths and more
Drum & Bass Ultra Pack 3 - 2.08 Gb of distorted and automated basses, twisted beats, synths and more
Drum N Bass
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Electronica / EDM
$8.95 - $50.95
EXS24, WAV, Live, Reason, REX, MIDI Files, Battery, Kontakt, Apple Loops, Refill, NNXT, Massive, FM8, Serum
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Singomakers are finally back with Drum & Bass Ultra Pack 3! This New ULTRA PACK series from Singomakers contains absolutely everything needed for modern producers - 2.08 Gb of Distorted and Automated Basses, Twisted Beats, Synths, One Shots, FX, Vocals, VST Patches, Trackstarters, Tutorials and much more!

In detail expect to find 2,08 GB of wav 24 bit samples at 172 BPM including 350 One Shots, 100 Sub & Bass Loops, 100 Synth Loops, 100 Atmospheres, 100 Drum FX Loops, 100 Drum Loops, 180 VST Synth Patches (60 Serum, 60 FM8, 60 Massive), 6 Multi Kits (60 Wav loop, 6 Full Mixes ), 6 Track Starters, 50 Drum Fills, 450 Rex2 Files, 66 Sampler Patches (30 Bass Cuts, 20 Synth Cuts, 7 Drum Shots, 4 Fx, 5 Drum Kits + 5 Midi Files For Drum Kits), 120 SFX, 2 Video Tutorials, 20 Vocal Shouts, + Promo & Discount Folder… and unlimited Inspiration!

Inspired by twisted D&B tracks from Noisia, Netsky, Pendulum, Insideinfo, Mefjus, The Prototypes, Ed Rush, Optical, The Upbeats, Digital Farm Animals and more!

All samples in this pack are super high quality and ready for action fully processed by HQ studio equipment like SSL Bus Compressor, Manley Passive EQ, Avalon VT 747, UAD-2 and a lot more!

And remember, when you get Singomakers samples - you get not only high quality samples from professionals of the sample industry, but you also get the most important thing - a huge piece of inspiration!

Check this supercharged demo and grab your copy of Drum & Bass Ultra Pack 3 TODAY!

- 24 Bit Quality
- 2.08 GB
- 172 BPM
- 350 One Shots
- 100 Sub & Bass Loops
- 100 Synth Loops
- 100 Atmospheres
- 100 Drum FX Loops
- 100 Drum Loops
- 180 VST Synth Patches (60 Serum, 60 FM8, 60 Massive)
- 6 Multi Kits (60 Wav loop, 6 Full Mixes)
- 6 Track Starters
- 50 Drum Fills
- 450 Rex2 Files
- 66 Sampler Patches (30 Bass Cuts, 20 Synth Cuts, 7 Drum Shots, 4 Fx, 5 Drum Kits + 5 Midi Files For Drum Kits) for Battery, EXS24, Kontakt2+ & NNXT
- 120 SFX2 Video Tutorials
- 20 Vocal Shouts+ Promo & Discount Folder

Download Sizes

Version Compressed Download Size
MIDI Files/FM8/Massive/Serum/NNXT/EXS24/Kontakt/REX/Battery/Live/WAV Download includes
  Full Pack (Ableton Live):  1.69 GB
MIDI Files/NNXT/FM8/Massive/Serum/EXS24/Kontakt/Apple Loops/REX/Battery/WAV Download includes
  Full Pack (Apple Loops):  2.12 GB
Reason/MIDI Files/NNXT/FM8/Massive/Serum/EXS24/Kontakt/REX/Refill/Battery/WAV Download includes
  Full Pack (Reason Refill):  1.71 GB
MIDI Files/NNXT/FM8/Massive/Serum/EXS24/Kontakt/REX/Battery/WAV Download includes
  Full Pack (Wav):  2.12 GB
WAV Download includes
  Wav Loops:  1.08 GB
REX Download includes
  Rex2 Loops:  474 MB
FM8/Massive/Serum Download includes
  All Synth Patches In One:  90 MB
MIDI Files/FM8/Massive/Serum/WAV Download includes
  Multi Kits Trackstarters & Tutorials:  522 MB
NNXT/EXS24/Kontakt/Battery/WAV Download includes
  One Shots & Sampler Patches:  94 MB
FM8 Download includes
  FM8 Presets:  63 MB
Massive Download includes
  NI Massive 1.5+ Preset:  63 MB
Serum Download includes
  Serum Presets:  90 MB
NNXT/EXS24/Kontakt/Battery/WAV Download includes
  SFX & Sampler Patches:  279 MB
WAV Download includes
  Vocal Shouts:  73 MB

*When ordering the download product from Big Fish Audio you will be given one or more links for each of your product purchases. The links will be active for 24 hours. During this time you should download the file and expand it. You can return to your Big Fish Audio account at any time and download your products. You will find your products in the "My Products" area of your account page.

License Agreement

The Following End User License Agreement is included with Drum & Bass Ultra Pack 3. This License is only valid for the individual who has purchased an unopened, new and lawfully made copy of Drum & Bass Ultra Pack 3 from a dealer or distributor authorized by Big Fish Audio.

"All Rights not expressly granted to the user are reserved. The sound samples in this sample pack are licensed, not sold, to you to be reproduced within your original musical compositions only. All copying, lending, duplicating, re-selling or trading of this product or its content is strictly prohibited. Only the original purchaser of this product has the right to embody and reproduce the enclosed sound samples within their music compositions. The Licensee may use the Sounds in combination with other sounds in music productions (which include soundtracks of such as films, video productions, radio/TV programs or commercials, computer games and multimedia presentations, library music), public performances, and other reasonable musical purposes within musical compositions. The Licensee MAY NOT use the Sounds in isolation as sound effects (i.e. a sequence of musical events) or within any competitive products that are sold or relicensed to multiple third parties. In these scenarios the Licensee must arrange an extension with Singomakers. This license is granted for a single user only (and is given on a worldwide basis). The license is nonexclusive and is granted for the full period of copyright protection and sound samples. You cannot electronically transfer the sound samples or place them in a time -sharing or service bureau operation or a computer/sampler network. Opening or using this product constitutes your acceptance of these terms.""

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