Big Fish Audio - Drum Machines 01 - 3 of WAVe Alchemy's popular Packs: AirBase Drums, Deep Drums and Electrik Drums
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Wave Alchemy

Drum Machines 01

3 of WAVe Alchemy's popular Packs: AirBase Drums, Deep Drums and Electrik Drums
Drum Machines 01 - 3 of WAVe Alchemy's popular Packs: AirBase Drums, Deep Drums and Electrik Drums
Loop Types:
Drums Hits , and Multitrack Drums
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'Drum Machines 01' bundles together three of WAVe Alchemy's popular Micro Packs: ­ AirBase Drums, Deep Drums and Electrik Drums and offers them the unbeatable price of just £22.00 (saving you £5.00!).

Offering a jaw­dropping collection of exquisitely produced drum samples from the highly regarded ­ Vermona DRM MK11, Jomox AIRBase99, Jomox MBase 11 and J omox XBase999 drum machines, Drum Machines 01 is a must have for anyone wanting to expand their drum ­hits library with an authentic array of warm analogue drum sounds.

All samples have been beautifully recorded through an API 512c pre­amp with a small selection of the sounds being sonically enhanced through the use of an Empirical Labs Distressor and high­end SSL equalizers.

This product is suitable for use in any genre of electronic music and would be an excellent addition to any producer's arsenal.

What's included in Drum Machines 01?

Drum Machines 01 includes a whopping 1,400 analogue drum samples (one-shots) recorded in 24-Bit. Here is what you get:
- 128 AIRBase99 kick drums
- 245 MBas e11 kick drums
- 41 AIRBase99 clap & snare drum samples
- 52 AIRBase99 hi­-hats & toms
- 16 AIRBase99 perc & crash cymbal samples
- 150 Vermona DRM MK11 kick drums & subs
- 96 Vermona DRM MK11 snare & clap samples
- 65 Vermona DRM MK11 hi­-hats & toms
- 122 Vermona DRM MK11 percussion samples
- 20 Vermona DRM MK11 sound effects
- 215 XBase999 kick drums
- 115 XBase999 clap & snare drum samples
- 40 XBase999 hi­-hats
- 57 XBase999 toms
- 39 XBase999 perc & crash cymbal samples
- 100% Royalty-Free

Great Sound Quality:

WAVe Alchemy don't compromise on quality! They use high end equipment ensuring everything is recorded in 24-Bit through high quality A/D converters.
Kit List:
- Jomox AIRBase99
- Jomox XBase999
- Jomox MBase 11
- Vermona DRM Mk 11
- API 512c pre­amp
- Empirical Labs Distressor EL8
- SSL E Series EQ
- SSL E Series Compressor
- SPL Transient Designer

About the MP3 Demo:

Please Note: The sound effects included in the audio demo for this release are taken from SFX Collection 01 and are not included within this product.

Download Sizes

Version Compressed Download Size
WAV Download includes
  Full Pack:  169.9 MB

*When ordering the download product from Big Fish Audio you will be given one or more links for each of your product purchases. The links will be active for 24 hours. During this time you should download the file and expand it. You can return to your Big Fish Audio account at any time and download your products. You will find your products in the "My Products" area of your account page.

License Agreement

The Following End User License Agreement is included with Drum Machines 01. This License is only valid for the individual who has purchased an unopened, new and lawfully made copy of Drum Machines 01 from a dealer or distributor authorized by Big Fish Audio.

"1. What am I purchasing? When you purchase one of our sample libraries you are NOT obtaining OWNERSHIP of the sounds in the library. You are in fact purchasing a LICENCE to use the sounds within your musical compositions, whether or not your compositions are released commercially. The original producer of the sounds will always remain the OWNER of the sounds. Once purchased your license is NONTRANSFERABLE which means that the license is authorized only to the original purchaser. You are not permitted in ANY way to share the purchased sample library with others. We work closely with the BPI and other International organizations to monitor illegal internet file sharing. If you are engaged in the illegal file sharing of our products we WILL gain sufficient evidence to prosecute you in line with current copy write laws. 2. How can I use Wave Alchemy Samples? Once you have purchased one of our sound libraries you have a singleuser license which permits you to use samples from that library in your own musical compositions. You may release such compositions commercially without payment of any further royalties or fees for such usage. You cannot use the sounds from our sample libraries in isolation for a commercial release or project. For example you are not authorized to create another sample CD or sound library with any of the sounds from our products. Doing so will infringe copyright law and you will be liable for prosecution under the copy write design and patents act 1988. You are permitted to use the sounds in library or production music as long as you follow the guidelines above and use sounds in musical compositions rather than in isolation."

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