Big Fish Audio - Fiery Hot Trap & Pop - Sample Pack - This powerhouse pack has every single element you need to make a hit song
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Black Octopus

Fiery Hot Trap & Pop - Sample Pack

This powerhouse pack has every single element you need to make a hit song
Fiery Hot Trap & Pop - Sample Pack - This powerhouse pack has every single element you need to make a hit song
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Black Octopus is excited to announce its next release on Black Octopus Music, ‘Luke Targett - ‘Fiery Hot Trap & Pop’’ This powerhouse pack has every single element you need to make a hit song, which is proven through the adjoining EP, whose songs are exclusively made from this pack! Available on all platforms worldwide, including Spotify, Apple Music, Beatport, Soundcloud, and more. This unique combination of songs and samples gives instant inspiration and an unparalleled look into an artist's production and techniques, entirely royalty-free!

‘Fiery Hot Trap & Pop.’ was developed from the phrase 'If I can do it, anyone can'. It's to serve as a reminder that anyone has the capability to create the life they want, sometimes it'll take some elbow grease and drive, but it's possible and worth it. The EP lives up to its name as it showcases the massive range of possibilities you can create with these samples, from dirty trap to emotive vocal pop songs, it has the range to fit into any genre. Especially as Luke Targett believes that ‘Your way is the right way. Music is an art form. A way of expression, how you choose to deliver that is up to you.’

Inside the sample pack are 6 songs worth of elements for creating melancholic melodies, all of which were made from original sounds recorded by Luke Targett. There’s heavy Bass loops, pounding Sub Bass hits, and multi-instrumental music loops. FX one-shots, cinema-quality impacts, and suspenseful risers. Touching, emotive vocals, with emphasizing adlibs, powerful hooks, animated one-shots, and electro-pitched vocals. Loads of knocking Drums, with crisp claps, resounding cymbals, improvisational fills, bright hats, deep kicks, striking percussion, punchy snares, and Luke Targett's favorite samples from the pack, the drum loops, which provide a great bed of inspirational grooves to jam over.

This pack aims to showcase the best and highest quality of Luke Targett’s work as an artist as he seeks fulfillment, however that may look. Let’s chat with Luke Targett to take a deeper look at the production behind the pack and to dive into the world of ‘Fiery Hot Trap & Pop’.

I got into music when I was about 12 years old. I remember watching a friend of mine play drums for a band, and I thought it was the coolest thing ever, so naturally went on to learn myself. After a year of playing, I decided to annoy the neighbors further by learning guitar, then Piano the next year. Producing came later on in the game, started when I was 18, and have been professionally working in the field for around 6-7 years. I’m a multi-instrumentalist and performer first. Which allows the music to be played rather than programmed. I’m pretty good at creating different genres of music, and pulling elements from each one helped to create the unique music I have today.

I initially got involved with creating sample packs through a friend who reached out to me to see If I would be interested in working on a pack for Black Octopus, to which I said OF COURSE. I create a lot of music anyway, rather than making it accessible to a listener, why not make it accessible to other producers who may be inspired by it.

I keep myself in a creative and inspired mindset by manifesting and creating urgency. I think a lot about how my music can impact listeners now and later. It excites me to think that relaying my thoughts and emotions into a song can have that effect. I also listen to a lot of different types of music, If it makes me feel a certain way, I like to try and draw inspiration from that. I’m very much about the song, which is why I’m ok with being multi-genre, if a song heads that way, then that’s the way it goes!

I view writing songs as an opportunity to create stories and dive into new narratives. Sometimes it’s a random concept but I draw inspiration from my own personal experiences. Sometimes a top-line that I voice-note then build around. I also think about what kind of song I want to make, and begin with making an instrumental like that. This is where being a multi-instrumentalist helps. If I’m not feeling the piano, I’ll jump on guitar and vice versa.

My favorite song from the EP is probably ‘Bad’. It’s got so much swag. Love it. I made all of the samples in the pack using the usual equipment such as a midi keyboard and microphones, but everything was done in the box. Although I did process some samples using a WA-76 compressor to give it that ‘analog’ warmth, but not much. I hope whoever listens to the EP or buys the samples gets a bit of inspiration and a little nudge to say, “Hey, go make some great music today!”.
Welcome to Black Octopus Music. For the Artist. By the Artist.

* Luke Targett requests that you not use their name in the branding of your music, track credits, title or artists names (such as featuring or remixing of)
* All sounds, samples and loops purchased in this pack can be used royalty-free for your own music.
Product Details:

• 5 Bass Loops
• 11 Sub Hits
• 41 Drum One Shots
• 5 Drum Fills
• 19 Drum Loops
• 17 FX
• 17 Music Loops
• 27 Vocal Adlibs
• 1 Chopped Vocal Loop
• 28 Vocal Hooks
• 5 Pitched Vocals
• 6 Vocal One Shots

Total Number of Sounds: 182

Download Sizes

Version Compressed Download Size
WAV Download includes
  Full Pack:  319 MB

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License Agreement

The Following End User License Agreement is included with Fiery Hot Trap & Pop - Sample Pack. This License is only valid for the individual who has purchased an unopened, new and lawfully made copy of Fiery Hot Trap & Pop - Sample Pack from a dealer or distributor authorized by Big Fish Audio.

"License agreement Licensing Agreement: IMPORTANT - PLEASE READ BEFORE USING. The contents of this download are licensed, not sold to you by Black Octopus Sound. Ownership remains with Black Octopus Sound. Copying, duplication, lending or re-selling of this product or its contents in whole or part are strictly prohibited. This non-exclusive license is granted for a single-user only on a global basis for the full copyright protection period. The license is non-transferable. You cannot electronically transfer the sound samples or place them in a time-sharing or service bureau operation or a computer/sampler network. Neither the producer, nor Black Octopus Sound can be held responsible for any direct or indirect consequential loss arising from the use of this product in whatever form. All rights of the producer and the owner of the work are reserved. Unauthorised duplication of this download is a violation of applicable laws. You may use these sounds in your own productions royalty free. (C) 2011 Black Octopus Sound"

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