Big Fish Audio - Golden: Electric Guitar Loops - Perfect for those who need some modern urban, pop, or R&B guitar!
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GOAT Audio

Golden: Electric Guitar Loops

Perfect for those who need some modern urban, pop, or R&B guitar!
Golden: Electric Guitar Loops - Perfect for those who need some modern urban, pop, or R&B guitar!
Hip Hop
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R&B , and Pop
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Guitars Loops
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Golden: Electric Guitar Loops from Xpress Packs/Goat Audio is perfect if you are working on a project and need some modern urban, pop, or R&B guitar. The concept of Xpress Packs is that you get a focused cluster of loops that has uncompromising sound quality at a great price.

Golden: Electric Guitar Loops were recorded with a Grammy Award Winning Guitar Player in a World-Class Studio! You can clearly hear the sonic quality and the feel and touch are there. Representing the current trap, urban R&B and pop hitmakers of today this product doesn’t disappoint. You get 16 professional loops in 4 different ways: Amp Dry - Amp Wet - DI (direct) Dry - DI (direct) Wet for a total of 64 loops.

Golden: Electric Guitar Loops includes the most critical format, WAV. All keys and tempos are included. The sounds were run through true analog outboard gear, summing, and arguably the best converters in the world to give you the sound that you would expect from the Pros!

Who is GOAT AUDIO/Xpress Packs: We are a collection of Grammy-nominated producers, engineers, beatmakers, and musicians that have one goal in mind, helping you get more placements, and earn more revenue from your music. You can not listen to Billboard’s top 100 without hearing our sounds there. Our history in sound design stretches over nearly 20 years, supplying all of the hottest producers and composers for the last 2 decades. Our sound design credits include Apple, Ableton, Akai, Native Instruments, Presonus, Mixcraft, and many more. Our music production beat-making, mixing, and mastering credits include Dr. Dre, Eminem, Jodeci, Flo Rida, Herbie Handcock, Mariah Carey, Leanne Rimes, Lil Wayne, and many more.

Product Details:

64 WAV Loops

Download Sizes

Version Compressed Download Size
WAV Download includes
  Full Pack:  317 MB

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License Agreement

The Following End User License Agreement is included with Golden: Electric Guitar Loops. This License is only valid for the individual who has purchased an unopened, new and lawfully made copy of Golden: Electric Guitar Loops from a dealer or distributor authorized by Big Fish Audio.

" Goat Audio Terms & Conditions of Use Note: All Goat Audio products are royalty free, but please read and follow the terms of use rules below. This document sets forth the terms and conditions of use for Goat Audio products. By choosing to purchase, download or use Goat Audio products you agree to adhere and follow the terms and conditions of use. These terms and conditions of use apply to all Goat Audio products purchased and or downloaded from the Goat Audio website or any of its affiliates or distributors. In Simple Terms: As long as you follow these rules you are good to use Goat Audio products in your music and make hits and money with no issues at all. 1.) Goat Audio grants you, the end user a non-exclusive royalty free license to use Goat Audio’s products (defined as any digital downloadable, service, or online purchase created by Goat Audio) for your original music compositions, beats, podcasts, online videos, CDs, DVDs, Video, Mixtapes, Games, Movies, Presentations, Websites, etc. provided that you add additional music and or vocals. You can add MUSIC, VOCALS, and or add both and you are in the clear. 2.) This non-exclusive license on Goat Audio products is not transferable and cannot be sold, lent, or gifted to others. 3.) Goat Audio retains the ownership of the products, and grants you a nonexclusive license to use them. This means we own the original product that you purchase, BUT when you add music, vocals, or both it becomes a new piece of music which you can then copyright separately under your name and have the rights to royalty free. 4.) You may not sell, lend, gift, transfer, or otherwise distribute complete products or separate parts of the products, nor include in bundled software or hardware without the expressed written permission of Goat Audio. 5.) Your purchase receipt is your license. 1 license per individual quantity/receipt. Please keep your license safe. You can also access your purchases from your online account login at Please direct all questions or comments to Goat Audio at: "

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