Big Fish Audio - The Great Big Whoosh - DVD Combo - A mega collection of whooshes
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Sound Ideas

The Great Big Whoosh - DVD Combo

A mega collection of whooshes
Great Big Whoosh - DVD Combo, The - A mega collection of whooshes
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Ambient/Atmospheric , and Science Fiction
WAV, 16-bit
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WAV files are provided in 44.1 kHz.

This DVD ROM contains the complete contents of all five of our popular "The Big Whoosh" series, plus a bonus selection of more than a hundred extra whooshes and transitions - over 2,000 spectacular production elements in all!

Each element is provided in media friendly 16 bit 44.1 K Broadcast WAV files, and the disc also contains a full track listing in both Microsoft Excel™ and Adobe™ PDF formats. In addition, all of the WAV files have been embedded with improved metadata that is fully cross referenced for detailed and accurate searches in your asset management software.

So whatever kind of whoosh, sweep or other transition special effect you need for your production, it's bound to be in this royalty free collection.

Sound Ideas has prepared this fully digital product on DVD ROM by converting their original Red Book Audio CDs to the broadcast WAV file format. The library's metadata is already embedded in the broadcast WAV BEXT containers, ready for easy access.

So, if you are using an asset content manager like the Sound Ideas MetaDigger software, you can simply download the digital audio files from your DVD ROM discs to your system and use MetaDigger to display, search and export their metadata information, audition the audio content and perform other functions with wav or mp3 files. It's that easy - the ripping and metadata work have already been done for you by Sound Ideas.

- Alien Whooshes
- Beds & Logos
- Broken Sweeps
- Buzz Sweeps
- Complex Whooshes
- Dark Elements
- Dark Sweeps
- Dark Whooshes
- Drones
- Enhancers
- Flutter Whooshes
- Fly Bys, Takeoffs & Landings
- Gritty Raspy Whooshes
- Hits & Impacts
- Hollow Whooshes
- Jet Whooshes
- Metallic Whooshes
- Phased Whooshes
- Plain Whooshes
- Pulse Sweeps
- Sci Fi FX
- Sci Fi Sweeps
- Sharp Sweeps
- Sharp Whooshes
- Signal Sweeps
- Special FX
- Spitting Whooshes
- Squeals, Screeches & Rings
- Static Sweeps
- Stingers & Accents
- Tube Whooshes
- Turbulent Whooshes
- Vox Whooshes
- Whoosh Impacts
- Whoosh Rewinds
- Zaps & Blasts

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