Big Fish Audio - InSPIRE - Bass Edition - Get all the material you need to add creativity to your musical producions
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Save Up To 70% In Our
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Audiozone Samples

InSPIRE - Bass Edition

Get all the material you need to add creativity to your musical producions
InSPIRE - Bass Edition - Get all the material you need to add creativity to your musical producions
Electronica / EDM
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Spire Synth
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InSpire – Bass edition” by Audiozone Samples contains 50 first-class Bass patches for the amazing synthesizer Reveal Sound Spire!

All presets has been crafted careful to fit right into the mix.
Every patches are perfectly tweaked and fitted with ModWheel Control which enable you to edit each sound to your own personal sound!
Drawing inspiration from the biggest artists, these presets feature the trademark sounds of many recent chart-toppers and will be suitable for any genre from EDM, Electro House, Progressive House to Techno, Deep & Future House, Trap, Dubstep and many more...
Expect to find fat & powerful Bass ready for the next drop!

You will have all the material you need to add creativity to your musical productions.

Elevate your productions to devastating dancefloor style!!!

Audiozone Samples, the Future Sound of Tomorrow!
Product Details:

• 1 Spire' soundbank within a total of 50 presets
• 50 Bass
• Every preset with ModWheel Assignment
• Perfeclty Tweaked
• Instant Download
• 100% Royalty-Free

Download Sizes

Version Compressed Download Size
Spire Synth Download includes
  InSPIRE - Bass Edition Full:  5.3 MB

*When ordering the download product from Big Fish Audio you will be given one or more links for each of your product purchases. The links will be active for 24 hours. During this time you should download the file and expand it. You can return to your Big Fish Audio account at any time and download your products. You will find your products in the "My Products" area of your account page.

License Agreement

The Following End User License Agreement is included with InSPIRE - Bass Edition. This License is only valid for the individual who has purchased an unopened, new and lawfully made copy of InSPIRE - Bass Edition from a dealer or distributor authorized by Big Fish Audio.

"END USER LICENCE AGREEMENT This Licence covers all Audiozone Sample's products purchased on authorized dealer and distributor as Download File. TERMS AND CONDITIONS The following terms and conditions are between the Purchaser ( The Licensee ) and Us ( The Licensor : Audiozone Studios S.r.l.s. tradin as Audiozone Samples ) The Licensee accept this Terms and conditions by unpacking the product. This Licence is NON-EXCLUSIVE and the sounds contained in the pack ( as Audio Samples, Preset , Patches, Loop, Sound Effects, Sampler Patches.. ) are ROYALTY FREE using the following conditions.  1. The pack is Licensed to the Licensee Only ( NOT SOLD ). Licensor keep the copyright ownership for all the sounds. 2. Licence is not transferable, Licensee have the legal right to use the content of the pack in combination of other sounds for the production of original music, for commercial and non- commercial use, including Live show, TV, Radio, Films, Soundtracks, Commercials, Games, Apps, Multimedia.. 3. It is strictly prohibited to use the sounds ( or part thereof ) in isolation as sound effect or as part of competitors’ packages. 4. Copying, duplication, donation , resale, exchange , rental are strictly prohibited by international copyright laws. 5. Licensee MAY NOT claim the ownership of the sounds. 6. Licensor has not responsibilities if the sounds doesn't fit with Licensee's music, it cannot be returned after the purchasing. 7. Any breach by the Licensee of the terms of this agreement will terminate his Legal right to use the sounds. 8. Any unlicensed usage will be prosecuted to the maximum extent possible under the law. 9. The Licensee will indemnify the Licensor from, and against any and all claims, demands, suits, damages, liabilities and all reasonable expenses, including legal fees incurred by Licensor, with respect to any matter that arises as a result of a breach of this terms and conditions by the licensee. 10.This License shall be governed by and construed in accordance with the laws of Italy and the court of Piacenza have sole jurisdiction. The Licensor can agree Licence’s extensions, if you want to know more about our offers you can easily contact us at: Copyright © 2013 Audiozone Studios, S.r.l.s. All rights reserved."

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