Big Fish Audio - Infinite Element - Original and diverse sound tools for your Reason musical needs
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Infinite Element

Original and diverse sound tools for your Reason musical needs
Infinite Element - Original and diverse sound tools for your Reason musical needs
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Infinite Element is packed full of high quality, original and diverse sound tools for your Reason musical needs. The Refill features over 1250 powerful, easy to use Cominbators for every conceivable purpose.

When used in conjunction with the massive patch library, you can customise each combinator and make a unique sound within seconds.Thousands of patches for every machine in Reason ensure you can create sounds and devices that are totally yours, giving your music an unmatched, individual sound.

Infinite Element contains a simply breath-taking array of Combinator sound sources, ranging from focused and specific instruments to evolving "songs in a box" with realtime controls.All can be easily edited, controlled and shaped into the sound you want, or slid effortlessly into your track as a morphable preset. Please take a look at the PDF guide to get a better idea of the full contents.

The audio example above was made using several of the Combinators from the Demo Refill, available for download on the left hand side of the page.

The Refill contents include:

Thousands of patches for all of the Reason instruments to ensure you have an unbeatable sonic palatte for your music.From deep basslines, twisted arps, soaring pads and strings, cutting leads and customisable atmospherics and SFX to mashable sound environments to programmable new sounds on the fly at the push of a button.Aside from the orchestral combinators, all combinators are skinned in order to easily recognise the type of device in the rack. A massive drum library for redrum consisting of over 2500 rhythm and FX sounds arranged into over 220 Redrum kits and over 25 NN-XT kits. Create unique beats and rhythms in real time as well as program with ease.The drum machine Combinator section offers a host of easy to use beatboxes for rhythm design.

A plug-in FX library featuring over 200 FX and workflow tools to change and evolve any sound. The Plug-In section opens up a whole new world of effects control and sound manipulation within Reason. Every Combinator has its own controls assigned to one or more parameters, making sure the maximum amount of flexibility and control is inherent in each device. By chaining more than one device you can produce an entirely new slant to the effect and with over 200 separate effect devices you will never be short of interesting and unique possibilities.

Includes many unheard of Reason devices such as Remix Devices, which enable you to reconfigure the patterns from any number of sound sources in realtime at the turn of a dial.

Infinite Element give you infinite possibilites when working with Reason.It will provide you with an unmatched set of sounds and creative tools to fully explore this versatile software and will give you the creative inspiration to push your music to new places.
- Refill format

- 2,500 rhythm and FX sounds

- 1,250 powerful, and easy to use Combinators

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  Link:  915 MB

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