Big Fish Audio - Jay-J Drums - Jay-J's Drums can help you achieve your vision in adding solid realistic drums
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Jay-J Drums

Jay-J's Drums can help you achieve your vision in adding solid realistic drums
Jay-J Drums - Jay-J's Drums can help you achieve your vision in adding solid realistic drums
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Known for his keen ear, Jay-J built his reputation in the dance music community as the go to producer for pristine sound quality and crystal clear mixes and over the past 15 years, has been responsible for over 250 releases. Kaskade, Miguel Migs, Andy Caldwell, Scott Wozniak, Marques Wyatt, Hipp-E, Halo, Julius Papp and Chris Lum are just some of the dance music aficionados that have sat beside Grammy nominated, Jay-J, either at his infamous Moulton Studios in San Francisco or current production lab in New York.

The Drum Library contains 350 MBs of WAV files from 291 samples. Whether you're a seasoned vet or up-an-coming Producer, this sample package which include all samples in loop format, is all you need to create your own top shelf productions.

Quickly grab a looped kick, snare, clap, closed/open hat - or a full drum loop layer, and you will have your drums rocking in just a few clicks. Or, for the seasoned producer, listen to this massive library, grab your sound then do your own programming. All sounds are processed at 24 bit, through outboard gear, and high-end plug-ins for top quality results.

Listen to the Drum Library's Demo Songs which were created completely from the loops and sounds in this library with no additional processing to the sounds themselves. Just a few volume adjustments.

From fat drum sounds, for adding to your productions to solid and realistic sounding drums pre programmed and looped as the start a new production, Jay-J's Drums can help you achieve your vision.
- 21 Kick Loops

- 51 Snares and Claps Loops

- 65 Hats Loops

- 41 Full Drum Loops

- 15 Shakers and Tambourines Loops

- 12 Tom Loops

- 18 Percusson Loops

- 5 Fills

- 27 Cymbals

- 31 Sweeps and Effects

- 5 Disco Bleep Loops

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  All:  250 MB

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