Big Fish Audio - Jurassic Dinosaurs - 665 Sound Effects of the Prehistoric, Fantasy, Alien, Monster, & Supernatural
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Save Up To 70% In Our
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Jurassic Dinosaurs

665 Sound Effects of the Prehistoric, Fantasy, Alien, Monster, & Supernatural
Jurassic Dinosaurs - 665 Sound Effects of the Prehistoric, Fantasy, Alien, Monster, & Supernatural
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Jurassic Dinosaurs Sound Effects is an out-of-the-world menagerie populated by all kinds of creatures from tiny to huge. In this jammed-packed set you will find 665 science fiction sound effects covering all types of prehistoric, fantasy, alien, monster, supernatural, fairy and robot creatures – including many different varieties of cries and associated sounds. Some of the royalty free sound effects come from real-life animal sounds which were morphed into something else. Many other sound effects were created in the studio and fine-tuned to provide a full range of possible audio variations. The animal and creature sounds represented here are designed to be immensely versatile: use them for modern day exotic jungle beasts, for prehistoric creatures, or for futuristic aliens from other planets. There are small chipmunk-like creatures that scurry and flutter; large elephant-like creatures that stomp and rumble; thundering stampedes and plant monsters; dragons, shape shifters and cyborgs – Jurassic Dinosaurs Sound Effects.
- 665 royalty free sound effects
- Digital stereo sounds
- Available as a 24-Bit/48 kHz wav files download
- Versatile animal and creature sounds

The creatures represented in this royalty free sound effects collection include the following:

Organic Creatures, Small to Large:
Mouse, Bird-Like, Chipmunk-Like, Mouse-Like, Dinosaur Hatchling, Bird-Like, Small Animals, Classic Jungle Birds, Small Animals, Laughing Creature, Sheep or Goat-Like, Weird & Humourous Creature, Cat-Like Growls, Roars, Hisses & Snarls, Strange Jungle Animals, Complex Cries, Fluttering, Mournful & Haunted Wails, Heavy Breaths, Elephant-Like Trumpeting, Pig-Like Grunts, Nasal Trumpeting, Complex Dinosaur Battle Screams, Grunting Cries, Hoarse Growls, Alien Cries & Calls, Sneezes & Coughs, Cow-Like Moos, T-Rex Attack and Challenge Cries, Groans & Grunts, Honking Cries, Guttural Rumblings & Roars, Angry Dinosaur Growls & Grumbles

Organic Body & Environment:
Creature Footsteps on Various Surfaces, Impact Tremors, Thundering Stampede, Eating Cracks, Crunches and Snaps, Wing Flapping on Flying Creatures, Flying Insects, Plant Monster FX, broken Foliage FX

Alien, Robotic & Supernatural Creatures:
Android, Cyborg Language, Help Droidbot, Robot Footsteps and Servo Motor, Robot Start-Up, Overload, Electric Discharges, Radio Control Frequency & Squeaking Joints, Alien Creatures, Dragons, Werewolves, Shape Shifters, Ghost Vortexes, Classic Tinkerbell Winged Fairy

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License Agreement

The Following End User License Agreement is included with Jurassic Dinosaurs. This License is only valid for the individual who has purchased an unopened, new and lawfully made copy of Jurassic Dinosaurs from a dealer or distributor authorized by Big Fish Audio.

"All of Sound Ideas' Sound Effect products are sold on a royalty free buyout basis, and a lifetime synchronization license (as described in the Sound Ideas End User Agreement and the Hanna-Barbera & Turner Sound Effects End User License Agreement) is included with your purchase. Mechanical rights are not included in the purchase of this synchronization license - and therefore except as specifically identified in the Sound Ideas and Hanna-Barbera & Turner Sound Effects End User License Agreements, you are not authorized to copy our sound effects - they must be synchronized within your productions. Performing rights are not applicable to public broadcast or performance of sound effects."

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