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Key Suite Electric

The essential electric keys collection
Key Suite Electric - The essential electric keys collection
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The essential electric keys collection

The result of over 20 years in making sample-based instruments, Key Suite Electric was designed to be your desert-island electric keyboard library. Enjoy a wealth of deeply-sampled and immaculately recorded instruments with a level of sound quality and control you'd only expect to find in a professional recording studio. With 63 instruments in 7 categories Key Suite Electric delivers an incredible selection including multiple flavors of the classics and a number of rare and previously unavailable keyboards. Combine it all with a comprehensive selection of presets, a streamlined user interface, and a pro-grade effect rack, and you have the ultimate suite of electric keys.

Exceptional instruments with real character

Each instrument in Key Suite Electric has its own unique flavor, from soft and malleable tones that bend under your fingertips to shimmering tines, and warm analog basses. Each carefully evaluated, serviced, and auditioned, Key Suite Electric delivers a premier collection of electric keys, from iconic era instruments of the studio and stage such as the Rhodes and CP-70, to the more obscure electric key instruments like the Davoli and Denon Piano. You'll find the classics you know and love and inspiring new sounds rich in character and sonic detail.

Deeply-sampled with the finest equipment

We’ve gone the distance to create the finest quality recordings and most reliable engine possible. Applying our 20+ years experience in the field you’ll hear the difference right away, from the knowledgeable choices in microphones, placement, converters and processing, to the natural response from deep multisampling and precision editing, we’ve worked hard to ensure Key Suite Electric delivers ‘that’ sound right from the start.


Professional sound at your fingertips

Great instruments and recordings are only the beginning, with Key Suite Electric we’ve created a library that delivers not only faithful sound but a fast and flexible interface for sculpting it in any way you need. We’ve even included a professional-grade effect rack with impulse response processor, multi-band EQ, digital delay, multimode modulation, and reverb so that you can get creative without the need for additional plugins. Get started with the finely crafted factory presets and easily tweak them to fit your mix, or layer them to create your own custom, hybrid instruments!


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Tines instrument banner

Utilizing metal tines instead of strings these instruments produce a soft sound pioneered by Harold Rhodes and made famous by soul, jazz and pop acts of the '70s.

Epiano ItalianEpiano Japanese
A very rare Davoli Pianoforti C77, built in Italy in 1972, previously unsampledA mix between a Wurlitzer and a Rhodes, built by Nippon Columbia in 1962, previously unsampled

A very early production model of the Mark I with a warm, signature soundOf all the Mark Is we auditioned this was our favorite, an especially brilliant sound

A Mark I specially customized to create a darker, somewhat veiled soundA Mark I recorded with 3 mixable sources, including DI, mic’d cabinet, and amp signals

A well-balanced Mark II, charming tone with a very noticeable releaseA pristine example of the 73-key Mark II, this one with exceptional dynamics

An 88-key version of the Mark II, with a notably dark and beefy soundA broken but playable Mark III, still a great sound, when you need character

The redesigned Mark V, an exemplary example of one of our favorite RhodesA modern reimagining of the classic, with a crisp and bright sound

The first student tines electronic piano, fully restored and tunedAnother example of the student electronic piano, this one with a brighter tone

Analog Keys

Analog keys

Utilizing analog synthesis to create 'piano-like' tones these instruments don't sound anything like pianos, but they include fantastic analog sounds by some of the most well-known synth brands of the time.

An underrated classic released in 1979, grand piano feel with a lush soundA small electronic piano with unexpected charm, intensively mutlisampled

Released in 1974, it was the first of its kind to have a velocity-sensitive keyboardA full-analog electronic piano from Yamaha, in a compact form with a great sounds

A large electronic piano build in 1976, featured an impressive wooden caseReleased after the CP30, featured a much-improved sound engine

One of the more obscure electronic pianos from the ‘80s, a lovely soundAn Italian rarity from Viscount built in the ‘70s, with a unique electronic circuit

The American-made RMI ElectraPiano, hugely distinct and characterful sound


Not quite fitting in the previous categories, these instruments use various, unique electro-acoustic mechanisms to create a variety of different sound colors.

A 1950s model of the reed-based Hohner Cembalet electric pianoAn extremely rare Italian electric harpsichord built by Farfisa in the 1960s

The Weltmeister Claviset, a rare German reed-based electric piano made in the 1960sA very rare stage version of the Hohner Electra Piano

The Hohner reed-based electric piano, famously used by Led ZeppelinA more driven version of the Electra Piano

One of the rarer Hohner models, combining a Pianet and ClavinetThe Hohner Pianet M, an electro-mechanical piano build in Germany in the 1970s

The Hohner Pianet N, recorded with an additional acoustic micA reed-based UFO recorded with an additional acoustic mic



Bass-specific models utilizing various aforementioned techniques including tines and analog synthesis, these instruments were designed specifically for cutting-through the low register.

A rare bass version of a German reed-baed electric pianoAn iconic foot-operated analog bass synth from the ‘70s

A tines electric piano built especially for the bass registerA bass tines electric piano with the tines set on shallow settings

An extended, 48-key version of the bass tines electric pianoA model of the bass tines electric piano with a big and round tone

A slightly edgier and driven version of the bass tines electric pianoA more obscure and eccentric bass synthesizer keyboard

The second iteration of the Hohner Bass, redesigned with additional soundsThe third iteration of the Hohner Bass with a primarily cosmetic update



Similar to the tine mechanism of the Rhodes, these instruments instead utilized metal reeds for a slightly different tonal color, popularized by rock acts of the '60s and '70s.

A reed electric piano utilizing solid state circuitry for a dark but forward toneA reed electric piano utilizing tubes for a smooth and silky tone

The most classic of the reed electrics, with typical brightness and presenceA Studio version of the 200 model, recorded with 3 mixable sources including DI, mic’d cabinet, and amp signals

One of the last reed electrics to be produced, a rare beauty with exquisite toneAnother example of the 270, with a darker profile and beefier sound

Electric Pianos

electric pianos

Developed for touring musicians these pianos were outfitted with per-string piezo pickups to allow for a more compact form and easy amplification on stage. Made famous by acts like Peter Gabriel, Stevie Wonder, Keith Emerson and more.

A rare and previously unsampled upright electric, including fully-mixable DI and microphone signalsThe famous electric grand of the ’70s and ‘80s, including fully-mixable DI and microphone signals

An 88-key model of the CPiano 70 was one of the heaviest ever produced, offers extended rangeThe Kawai EP-308, 88-key baby grand electro-acoustic piano, similar to the CPiano 80

The Kawai EP-608, 73-key baby grand electro-acoustic piano, mixable DI and amp signalsThe Kawai EP-705M, 88-key electro-acoustic piano, mixable DI and amp signals

The Helpinstill Roadmaster 64, an American-made upright electro-acoustic piano



Performing what guitarists know as a 'hammer-on' with a rubber damper, these instruments utilize a harp-like array of 60 steel strings and an electric pickup to create a bright sound popularized in funk, reggae, rock and soul acts of the '70s and '80s.

The Hohner Clavinet C, a slimmer and more portable version released after Model IAn improved Model C, the D6 was released in 1971 and was the most popular and famously used

Following the D6 and dressed in black, we prepared it for a slightly grittier and charactered soundThe original Hohner Clavinet released in 1964

The Hohner Clavinet L1, released in 1968 for the domestic marketA subsequent model released in the ‘70s with a very different sound character

Modern reissue of the classic instrument, notably features an improved preamp section

We’ve poured all of our experience and thousands of hours of work into developing Key Suite Electric, delivering a deep and detailed collection of electric key instruments ready to simplify your workflow and enhance and accentuate your music for years to come.

Product Details:

Size: 14.40 GB (FLAC lossless encoding, was 62.95 GB in WAV)

Content: 476 Presets, 53,562 Samples

Sample Resolution: 44.1 kHz. Recording at 88.2 kHz

License: 3 activations per license on any combination of machines or iLok dongles


Runs in UVI Workstation version 3.0.5+, and Falcon version 1.6.6+
iLok account (free, dongle not required)
Internet connection for the license activation

Supported Operating Systems:

- Mac OS 10.8 to macOS 10.14 Mojave (64-bit)
- Windows 8 to Windows 10 (64-bit)

15 GB of disk space
Hard Drive: 7,200 rpm recommended or Solid State Drive (SSD)
4GB RAM (8 GB+ highly recommended for large UVI Soundbanks)


Supported Formats: Audio Units, AAX, VST, Stand-alone

Tested and Certified in: Digital Performer 8+, Pro Tools 11+, Logic 9+, Cubase 7+, Nuendo 6+, Ableton Live 8+, Studio One 2+, Garage Band 6, Maschine 1 & 2, Tracktion 4+, Vienna Ensemble Pro 5+, Reaper 4+, Sonar X3, Main Stage 3, MuLab 5.5+, FL Studio, Bitwig 1+, Reason 9.5+

Download Sizes

Version Compressed Download Size
Plug-in/UVI Download includes
  Product Download and Registration:  Website
  UVI Workstation User Guide:  2 MB
  UVI Workstation for Mac OS X:  306 MB
  UVI Workstation for Windows:  302 MB
  UVI Workstation for Windows (x64):  302 MB

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License Agreement

The Following End User License Agreement is included with Key Suite Electric. This License is only valid for the individual who has purchased an unopened, new and lawfully made copy of Key Suite Electric from a dealer or distributor authorized by Big Fish Audio.


This copy of the Sounds & Software (the Product) are licensed to you as the end user. Please read this Agreement carefully.

You cannot transfer ownership of these Sounds and Software they contain. You cannot re-sell or copy the Product.


1. License Grant. UVI, brand (UVI) grants to you, subject to the following terms and conditions, a non-exclusive, nontransferable right to use each authorized copy of the enclosed Product.

The enclosed product is the property of UVI and is licensed to you only for use as part of a musical performance, live or recorded. This license expressly forbids resale or other distribution of the sounds and software included in the Product or their derivatives, either as they exist on disc, reformatted for use in another digital sampler, or mixed, combined, filtered, resynthesized or otherwise edited, for use as sounds, multisounds, samples, multisamples, wavetables, programs or patches in a sampler, microchip or any hardware or software sample playback device. You cannot sell the Product content or give it away for use by others in their sampling or sample playback devices. In the event UVI terminates this Agreement due to your breach, you agree to return the original and all other copies of the software and documentation to UVI. UVI reserves all rights not expressly granted to you.

2. Protection of Software. You agree to take all reasonable steps to protect this product and any accom- panying documentation from unauthorized copying or use. You agree not to modify the enclosed product to circumvent any method or means adopted or implemented by UVI to protect against or iscourage the unlicensed use of copying of the enclosed Product.

3. Ownership. As between you and UVI, ownership of, and title to, the enclosed digitally recorded sounds (including any copies) will be held by UVI. Copies are pro- vided to you only to enable you to exercise your rights under the license. Only this license is purchased by you.

4. Term. This Agreement is effective from the date you open this package, and will remain in full force until termination. This Agreement will terminate if you break any of the terms or conditions of this Agreement. Upon termination you agree to destroy and return to UVI all copies of this product and accompanying documentation.

5. Restrictions. Except as expressly authorized in this Agreement, you may not rent, sell, lease, sublicense, distribute, transfer, copy, reproduce, display, modify or time share the enclosed product or documentation. THE SOUNDS IN THIS INSTRUMENT ARE GUARANTEED TO BE 100% COPYRIGHT CLEAN ©

All rights reserved. All trademarks are the property of their respective holders. is registered trademarks of Univers Sons, SA"

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