Big Fish Audio - MIDI Keys: Trance - These loops are up to date and a perfect blend of hooks and pulsing riffs
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Smash Up The Studio

MIDI Keys: Trance

These loops are up to date and a perfect blend of hooks and pulsing riffs
MIDI Keys: Trance - These loops are up to date and a perfect blend of hooks and pulsing riffs
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Smash Up The Studio presents: MIDI Keys: Trance. This collection is perfect for producers who like to get down in the studio with some fat synths and create their own monster sounds! 70 fantastic 4 - 8 bar MIDI loops superbly constructed and programmed. These loops are bang up to date and are a perfect blend of melodic hooks and aggressive pulsing riffs. All you have to do is choose a cool sound. The flexibility of MIDI also allows the user to change the key of the riff or the tempo, or even edit the notes themselves to create a truly unique personal musical experience. Also included in this pack are 3 MIDI construction kits. These kits include every loop used in the production of our demonstration track. So if you wish, you can recreate the tracks in our demo using your own sounds, or just use certain sections and add your own flavors, the choice is yours. We have also included the MIDI files for the beats used in the demo, and you can play them back using your own drum kits or samples. Smash Up The Studio's MIDI pack range consists of only MIDI (musical instrument digital interface) files, not audio. A MIDI file contains the performance data of the musician who played or programmed the part. To use these files you must import them onto a midi/instrument track in your sequencer and select your own synthesizer or instrument plug in to play back the loop. Produced, played and programmed by Steve Burton exclusively for Smash Up The Studio. All loops are royalty free.

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License Agreement

The Following End User License Agreement is included with MIDI Keys: Trance. This License is only valid for the individual who has purchased an unopened, new and lawfully made copy of MIDI Keys: Trance from a dealer or distributor authorized by Big Fish Audio.

"Smash Up The Studio audio samples, midi files, chord progressions and musical phrases are licensed to you (not sold) for use within your music productions.This non exclusive, non transferable license is granted to, and only to the individual who has purchased a new copy/copies of our products from, or from one of our authorized distributors. All content remains the property of Smash Up The Studio.

Unlawful copying, selling, lending, uploading to any database, servers or otherwise is strictly forbidden. Any unlicensed usage of our files will be prosecuted to the fullest extent of international law.

All files and musical content contained within our products is licensed, not sold to you for use within your musical compositions, songs, mixes, remixes, albums, records, commercials, jingles, live performances and soundtracks for film TV or theatre. The license does not allow the use of any of our files in the production of sample packs, sample CD's, music audio databases, production music libraries, or any type of downloads.

The use of any of our files whether audio or midi in isolation is strictly prohibited.

You cannot resell, lease, copy, lend, rent, upload or distribute our files.

This license you purchase is for a single user and is non transferable. By purchasing a Smash Up The Studio pack from an authorized source means that you accept the terms of this license agreement."

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