Big Fish Audio - Moog Taurus MK1 - Bass Expander - Thick and fat with pulsating detuned oscillators and that famous Moog sound
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Moog Taurus MK1 - Bass Expander

Thick and fat with pulsating detuned oscillators and that famous Moog sound
Moog Taurus MK1 - Bass Expander - Thick and fat with pulsating detuned oscillators and that famous Moog sound
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EXS24, SoundFont, HALion, WAV, Kontakt, NNXT
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Have you heard of the legendary Moog Taurus Bass Pedals? Perhaps this new sample pack from Loopmasters is your first introduction? We are willing to bet that when you listen to the demo samples from this pack you will soon realize why many producers have called it the "Fattest Synth Ever"!

The Moog Taurus bass pedals were released in the mid-'70s to much acclaim...they hit the spot with the then popular progressive rock bands for adding an extra element to their productions, and the pedals have been used on countless productions ever since.

Despite the synth's minimal functionality, the sound of the Taurus is legendary...thick and fat with pulsating detuned oscillators and, of course, that famous Moog sound. The actual Taurus preset is a classic - it has a moderately bright attack which decays to a deep, powerful and solid is just about the perfect bass sound for adding weight to any track.

For all types of Dance Music producers this sample collection will be a welcome addition to the range of bass sounds available to integrate into your productions, giving you a selection of no less than 42 Multi-sampled Moog basses, utilizing no less than 1700  pristinely recorded 24 bit 44.1khz samples.

From Deep and Subby sounds through Resonating Tones, Bright Buzzy Basses and Layered Fifths, we have created what we think is the best modern take on these samples so you will be using them from the moment you get them downloaded to your computer, directly into your tracks.

No loops, just straight samples from one of the legendary Bass synthesizers and most respected companies out there...sample the Moog Taurus Bass Xpander from Loopmasters.

Presets: Contains the 3 classic presets from the Moog Taurus with both filter open and filter closed (Bright & Dark) versions.

Variables: Contains 37 patches - each with their own complete sample set offering a variety of tones from huge, dark subs to leads, stabs & effects.

Extras & Layers: Contains a further 19 patches using the 43 sample sets. Various layered sounds and others which use extra features of the sampler beyond the basic sounds of the samples themselves. A total of 62 patches, with 43 unique sample sets.

Every available note is sampled and where applicable, looped. Each note contains the full cycle of the sound itself, complete with filter sweeps, beating oscillators etc.

The Moog Taurus is a very rare classic indeed, much sought after for it's powerful rich low end, and it's ability to always sit well in a mix.

The demo song, with the exception of drums and percussion, was produced entirely using sounds only from the Taurus.
Tech Specs:
- Over 1.7Gb
- 24 Bit Quality
- 42 Amazing Multisampled Instruments
- 62 soft Sampler Patches for Exs24, Kontakt, Halion, Nnxt and Sfz formats.

Download Sizes

Version Compressed Download Size
NNXT/EXS24/SoundFont/HALion/Kontakt/WAV Download includes
  All:  1.66 GB

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