Big Fish Audio - Vital Vocals Collection - An exceptionally useful collection of one shot vocal hits
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New Weekly Specials Out!
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Niche Audio

Vital Vocals Collection

An exceptionally useful collection of one shot vocal hits
Vital Vocals Collection - An exceptionally useful collection of one shot vocal hits
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Hip Hop Vocals , and Dance Vocals
WAV, Live, Logic, Maschine
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Niche Audio are back with another must have sample collection for the creative producer. We are proud to present VITAL VOCALS, an exceptionally useful collection of one shot vocal hits for your music productions, regardless of genre.

We all know the most difficult part of finishing a track is that last 5% ingredient - the icing on the cake. Top producers all know exactly what that ingredient is, particularly when it comes to electronic based music. Its the ORGANIC ELEMENT. Something real the human brain can instantly connect with that often helps jettison your track in to another league.

Consider some of the best Electronic music ever made and often there will be an organic element - whether it be a piano, strings, a guitar, or a vocal. Just a hint of organic vibe is all thats needed to connect your song with the listener. Vocals are undoubtedly one of the best organic elements you can add to any of your songs.

Vital Vocals contains 256 one shot vocals compiled from almost every Niche Audio pack released to date. Whilst the pack isn't genre specific like most of our packs, we are confident that regardless of your style you will always be able to find a vocal in this pack to fit your songs.

Niche Audio goes much further than supplying a folder of one shot wavs. The packs vocal one shots have been chosen, named and organised in to 16 individual kits for Maschine2, Ableton Live Drum racks and Logic EXS24 sampler patches.

The range, sound, and style of vocal hits in the pack is wide coming from many sources and producers so unlike a full acappella pack with the same vocalist you don't get that often frustrating experience where the style doesn't fit the vibe of your track. Regardless if you produce Reggae, Deep House, Techno, DNB, Dubstep or straight up House you will always find something you can use. Don't expect all super clean samples though - as per usual Niche Audio is about authenticity and vibe and you have that here in spades.

We are 100% CONFIDENT you will use this pack as a constant in your productions for years to come. It's always there when you just need that extra something, the icing on the cake - the elusive 5% - the organic element. VITAL VOCALS really is a must for anyone creating electronic music irrespective of genre.

Note: Be aware if you already own one or more Niche Audio packs you will already have some of these vocal samples.

Free - Classic DMX Drum Machine Pack Included

The Oberheim DMX drum machine may not have the fame of the Roland 808 and 909 drum machines but it never the less packs a serious punch via its superb crunchy 12 bit audio engine and its now famous and unique snare, clap, and hats. Put them together with its deceivingly punchy kick, percussion and tom elements and one can really hear how unique and powerful this 80's drum machine really is. The Oberheim DMX has been used non stop since the early 80's by a diverse group of artists from pop to experimental to club and indie rock. Modern artists who have used the DMX to great effect include Justice (Cross) and Rustie (Glass Swords). Both artists showcase how powerful the DMX is on their respective albums from in your face Indie Dance via Justice and the very deep and warm Glass Swords album via Rustie.

Here at Niche Audio we were highly motivated to bring you a small but very powerful package of 5 high quality DMX drum kits for Maschine 2 and Ableton Live. If your looking for quality samples of the DMX drum machine, from a respected source then look no further. Be assured these samples are not downloaded from some random internet site. They were sampled via the actual hardware drum machine. These samples are the real deal - you know where they came from, and can be 100% confident the quality is high!

We took great care when sampling making sure we captured the sound faithfully recording directly in to our convertor. DMX Kits low, Med and Hi have no processing except for the smallest amount of EQ on a couple of the sounds just to tidy them up. The default sound and settings of the drum machine is the DMX Mid kit. The low and Hi kits were set to the most common pitches used in artists recordings. We did this because pitching inside the DMX reveals a subtle but slightly different sound to pitching inside your Daw, which is probably that crusty 12 bit conversion and slightly off tunings. If you want to process and EQ the DMX kit your self it would be best to use the mid kit or combinations of the first three kits. DMX Kits Edit and Layers were carefully processed using various EQ's and compressors. The layered kit is a combination of all DMX sounds and various unique drums sounds we created and layered with the original sounds so as to keep the vibe of the DMX sound.
- 256 24 bit 44.1 Vocal One Shots
- 16 Groups/Kits each containing 16 samples
- Fully tagged

Ableton Live
- 256 24 bit 44.1 Vocal One Shots
- 16 Drum Racks each containing 16 samples

Logic Pro
- 256 24 bit 44.1 Vocal One Shots
- 16 EXS Sampler Patches

Wav Pack
- 256 24 bit 44.1 Vocal One Shots
- 16 folders X 16 samples

Download Sizes

Version Compressed Download Size
Live Download includes
  Live:  74.2 MB
Logic Download includes
  Logic:  87.3 MB
Maschine Download includes
  Maschine:  89.3 MB
WAV Download includes
  WAV:  64.5 MB

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License Agreement

The Following End User License Agreement is included with Vital Vocals Collection. This License is only valid for the individual who has purchased an unopened, new and lawfully made copy of Vital Vocals Collection from a dealer or distributor authorized by Big Fish Audio.

"Niche Audio is the label for producers looking for top flight mix ingredients and perfectly processed Maschine and Ableton Live expansion packs in contemporary styles and genres, mixed and engineered with precision, allowing you total flexibility and inspiration to take your music to the next level! Focusing on one shot drums, bass, music and fx packs - Niche Audio delivers custom built kits within each native software instrument, including project files, patterns and the one shot samples themselves to give you perfect flexibilty and inspiration every time. Our royalty free samples have been carefully selected for maximum authenticity and we use only the very best studio equipment and seasoned producers and audio engineers for our projects. Niche Audio - Boutique Sound Design"

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