Big Fish Audio - XV MP3 Series - General Sound FX Library - Sound FX - Web-Ready & Multimedia General FX Collection
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Sound Ideas

XV MP3 Series - General Sound FX Library

Sound FX - Web-Ready & Multimedia General FX Collection
XV MP3 Series - General Sound FX Library - Sound FX - Web-Ready & Multimedia General FX Collection
Sound Design/FX
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The XV MP3 Series - two CD ROM discs and the complete contents of the Sound Ideas XV Series, available in media-friendly mp3 files that have been encoded at a 128 bit rate, ready for immediate use in a variety of different audio and multimedia software applications, and fully compatible with both PC and Macintosh platforms.

XV is a gallery of Sound Ideas' very best sound effects, drawn from many of our most popular libraries. More than three thousand sound effects are included, in over thirty-five major categories.
Sound Effect Categories on Disc 1:

Air & Air Valves, Airplanes, Airport Ambiences, Animals, Arrows, Automobiles, Axes

Balloons, Bells, Bicycles, Birds, Boats, Bodyfalls & Bone Breaks, Boxes, Buses

Cameras, Canoes, Cards, Cartoon Sounds, Cases, Cash Registers & Casino Sounds, Chainsaws, City Ambiences, Clocks, Coins, Construction, Plastic & Styrofoam Containers, Country Ambiences, Ceiling & Wood Cracks, Crashes, Wooden Crates, Crowd Sounds

Debris, Dentist Sounds, Deposit Boxes, Doors, Drops

Earthquakes, Electrical Panels & Electricity, Elevators, Exercise Equipment, Explosions

Fair Ambiences, Farm Tractors, Fire Sounds & Equipment, Fireworks, Flags, Flame Throwers, Footsteps, Forest Ambiences, Burning Fuses

Gas Station Sounds, Gavels, Geiger Counters, Glass Sounds, Golf Carts, Gun Sounds

Handcuffs, Heartbeats, Helicopters, Horror & Vampires, Hospital Sounds, Household Sounds, Human Sounds

Sound Effect Categories on Disc 2:

Ice, Impacts, Industry Sounds, Insects

Jet Packs, Jet Skis, Jukeboxes, Jungle Ambiences


Ladders, Lighters, Lipstick Tubes, Locks

Manhole Covers, Marsh Ambiences, Matches, Microphones,
Military Sounds, Morse Code, Motors, Motorcycles, Mountain Ambiences, Music

Newspaper Boxes

Office Sounds

Parades, Pinball, Police Station Sounds, Popcorn Makers, Film & Slide Projectors

Radar Sweeps, Radio Sounds, Restaurant Ambiences, Robot Motors, Rock Falls, Roller Coasters, Room Tones

Safes & Vaults, School Ambiences, Sci Fi Sounds, Sculls, Servo Movements, Sirens, Snowmobiles, Sports, Stereo Equipment, Stock Exchange Ambiences, Street Sweepers, Suits of Armour, Swimming, Swishes, Swords & Sword Fights

Tape Cueing, Telemetry, Telephones, Teletype Machines, Toboggans, Tombstones, Toys, Traffic Ambiences, Trains, Tree Falls, Trucks, Turnstiles

Velcro, Vending Machines, Video Cassette Recorders, Volcanos

Wagons, Walkie Talkies, Water Sounds, Weather, Wheelchairs, Whips, Whistles, Whooshes


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