Big Fish Audio - Voodoo - Creative guitar effects like no other
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Creative guitar effects like no other
Voodoo - Creative guitar effects like no other
Plugin Type:
Compressor, Gate & DeEsser
Related Plugin Types:
Equalizer , and Filter
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  • DSP Plugin


Black Magic Soundscapes

You want your guitar to sound fantastic?
Creative guitar effects like no other

The Finisher effect series is designed to combine the power and flexibility of a full rack of audio processors with the instant gratification that ujam products are famous for. VOODOO is custom-designed for all sorts of guitar sounds, real or virtual, electric or acoustic, direct or amped. It also works phenomenal with keyboards, synths, even vocals and other signals. Add VOODOO to anything for organic warmth, magical textures or just a dash of inspiration.

What’s in There?

●  50 Modes configuring up to 40 effect modules.
●  Finisher knob and 4 Variation knobs – each macro-programmed into the effect configuration.
●  From multiband compression and distortion, convolution, modulation effectsFilters, EQs to envelope following and granular Effects – all combined and meticulously sound-designed into 50 complex Modes that you can easily tweak.
●  Automation and MIDI Learn to connect pedals and add extra articulation to your performances.
●  More than 150 signature sound designer presets.

Hear that VOODOO!

Hearing is believing. Listen to Finisher VOODOO soundbites...

A magical mystery tour

VOODOO creates a world of organic, distorted, spicy, colorful, often magical and dark textures, often with an element of surprise, adding limitless possibilities to your guitar. From High gain lead to strummed acoustic or bluesy crunch tone – there are plenty of sound designs to enhance every style. Your source for inspiration for live guitar playing, virtual instruments like the Virtual Guitarist series – or whatever you dare to try. Make your sound float, rumble, glow and scream. With just a sprinkle of magic.

Pinch the doll

If you’re already using guitar tools like amplifiers and stomp box emulations, VOODOO is a perfect companion. Instant inspiration dialed in and customized within seconds. You focus on your music. VOODOO takes care of the magic.

Virtual Guitarist’s best friend

Do you own a Virtual Guitarist? Add VOODOO to the family and you won’t believe your ears – promised. Whether AMBERs acoustic strumming, IRONs power chords, SILKs silky arpeggios, SPARKLEs electric riffs and even CARBONs high-gain chugs – it’s a different world with VOODOO.

Features at a Glance

Finisher VOODOO features 50 carefully sound-designed effect configurations and more than 150 presets combining 40 distinct algorithms – everything from convolution and modulation to dynamics, distortion and EQs – even multiband – to granular and twisted effects. Five macro knobs give you full sonic control. Direct, live and intuitive. Play with pedals or knobs and automate to your heart’s content. Create musically stunning dynamic shifts and make every effect your own.


With VOODOO’s Variation controls you adjust musically useful changes to the current Mode – switch delay times, set EQ characteristics, change distortion curves and much more, often at the same time.


All VOODOO Modes come with our proprietary Highlighter. A combination of low and high pass filters to place your track exactly where it belongs in the mix.

Can you cope with magic?

Potions, spells and spices... if terms like that describe what you like for a guitar sound, now is the time to play with VOODOO. The magic is in the sound, not in the words. Cast a spell on your guitars today. Fully functional trial available for 30 days!

Product Details:

System Requirements
Operating Systems

●  Windows 7 or later 
●  macOS X 10.11 or later 
●  64bit only
● You may have success on earlier versions but ujam doesn’t support and fully qualify them.

Minimum Requirements
●  4GBofRAM 
●  0.4 GB of free Disk Space 
●  1280x768px Display 
●  Internet Connection

Plug-in Formats
●  VST, AU and AAX
●  AU 2 version only compatible with Logic Pro X and newer.

Download Sizes

Version Compressed Download Size
Plug-in Download includes
  Product Registration:  Website

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License Agreement

The Following End User License Agreement is included with Voodoo. This License is only valid for the individual who has purchased an unopened, new and lawfully made copy of Voodoo from a dealer or distributor authorized by Big Fish Audio.


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