Big Fish Audio - Piano Attack - A unique sample collection of hammered, beaten, prepared and abused pianos
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Piano Attack

A unique sample collection of hammered, beaten, prepared and abused pianos
Piano Attack - A unique sample collection of hammered, beaten, prepared and abused pianos
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$49.95 - $99.95
EXS24, HALion, REX, Kontakt, Apple Loops, Refill
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"Highly recommended." - Keyboard Magazine

"Enormous fun... wildly inventive library. 5 Stars!" - Sound On Sound

"5 out of 5!... Piano Attack isn't the first sample library of prepared piano sounds, but it's certainly the most extensive....the programming is very well conceived and brilliantly executed" - EM

"I'm going to get a lot of mileage out of this library - and if you appreciate "esoteric-yet-highly useful," you will too." - EQ Magazine

Everything you always wanted to do to a piano but were afraid to try. A new and unique collection of hammered, beaten, prepared and abused pianos. Piano Attack features sounds from a wide range of prepared and 'abused' pianos. Rather than wrecking your own piano in an attempt to get these unusual sounds, we 'liberated' pianos from their black and white keys and recorded every possible sound in our studios, and yes, we even destroyed one piano completely. This is a unique sound library for composers, musicians and sound designers. The range of this unique sound library is enormous, from a simple brush of the hand over the strings to very complex sounding beats, phrases, hits, atmospheres, zings, loops and even demolition sounds. Piano Attack will definitely infect you!
The Piano Attack Logic 7/EXS24/Kontakt 2 multi format version consists of:

*210 EXS24 patches
*411 Logic 7 channel strip presets
*BPM patches (40-310 bpm)
*274 Kontakt 2 instruments
*157 REX files

The Piano Attack Reason ReFill consists of:

*207 NN-XT patches
*157 Dr. Rex Beats
*21 Dr. Rex Phrases
*BPM patches (40-320 bpm)

Download Sizes

Version Compressed Download Size
EXS24/REX Download includes
  Link:  885 MB
HALion/REX Download includes
  Link:  855 MB
Kontakt/REX Download includes
  Link:  1.93 GB
Refill Download includes
  Link:  575 MB
Apple Loops Download includes
  Link:  950 MB

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Electronic Musician | 5/5 - EM Hot Pick

When I was in college, my freshman music history teacher introduced the class to avant-garde by playing an excerpt from John Cage's "Bacchanale," a piece composed in 1938 for prepared piano. Half the class was fascinated, and the other half was appalled-typical reactions...

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EQ Magazine

This isn't John Cage "prepared piano," but rather, reminds me conceptually of the sample CD that was every possible permutation of sound you could derive from an automobile, including hitting it with a sledgehammer. This does pretty much the same thing for piano....

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Keyboard Magazine

Ever had an inferior piano you hated so much you wanted to attack it with wire cutters and a sledgehammer, or fling it from a catapult like Northern Exposure's Chris Stevens? You might cringe to think about mutilating pianos, but since John Cage began composing for...

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Sound On Sound

By inserting nuts, bolts, erasers and sheets of paper between the strings of the piano, American avant-gardener John Cage created a new industrial sound world. 'Prepared piano' is still spoken of in reverent whispers in classical circles, and several companies have...

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