Big Fish Audio - Performance Loops - Drums Vol. 2 - Rock, Pop, R&B drumloops, variations, fills and hits
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Big Fish Audio + Performance Loops

Performance Loops - Drums Vol. 2

Rock, Pop, R&B drumloops, variations, fills and hits
Performance Loops - Drums Vol. 2 - Rock, Pop, R&B drumloops, variations, fills and hits
Related Styles:
R&B , Jazz , and Pop
Loop Type:
Drums Loops
Acid, WAV
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This audio CD and CD-ROM set contains over 1000 of the highest quality stereo drum loops, variations, fills and hits from top session drummers recorded at world class recording studios in Seattle and LA.

All loops have been edited to exact tempos (+/- 0.001 bpm) for perfect synchronization with your sequencer, and ACID properties are pre-defined for the CD-ROM WAV files.

The Performance Loops series represents a unique approach to sample libraries, taking several loops, variations, fills and hits from the tracks of real song performances. By using many different loops, variations, and fills from a performance, you can construct a complete track that sounds like it was played by a real drummer instead of sounding like the same loop over and over (unless that's the sound you're going for). Or, if you are searching for that perfect loop, you have a much wider range of variations to choose from in each style with the Performance Loops series.
Real drum tracks from real songs chopped up, keeping as much usable material as possible from each song. On the CD-ROM, the files are all arranged by performances, with each folder contains all the different loops, variations, fills, and hits, from a performance. Some of the performances have been chopped up into over 60 different loops, variations, fills, and hits. Most of them have over 30 files, and the smallest amount of any of the Performances on Volume 2 still has 20 files in it. There are over 1000 total files on this product, representing 21 different song performances, plus 3 extra folders (extra individual drum hits, misc. extra loops, and some processed loops).

Performances and how many files are in each folder: ("loops" means loops and variations from various sections of the song that usually don't contain fills, "fills" are loopable as well, but have snare or tom fills... some fills may be a single beat or two, while others can be full loops with fills on the end of them; endings are easily created by using a fill followed by a crash and kick hit if that particular performance doesn't have a performed ending).

073 bpm Rock Ballad - 19 loops, 11 fills, 1 hat loop, 1 hat fill, 1 hit

075 bpm Blues - 16 loops, 23 fills, 3 break loops, 1 ending fill, 1 ending cymbals, 1 hat loop

077 bpm Brush Beat - 16 loops, 7 cymbal loops, 5 brush snare loops, 1 kick loop, 6 kick and brush snare loops, 2 kick snare and shake loops, 4 cymbal rolls, 1 brush cymbal hit, 2 crash cymbals, 3 shake loops, 1 shake and cymbal loop, 1 shake and ride loop, 1 shake and sidestick loop, 4 shake ride and sidestick loops, 2 sidestick hits, 1 long soft cymbal hit, 2 perc to drum transitions, 1 drum to perc transition, 2 kick hits

077 bpm Funk Ballad - 28 loops, 11 fills, 1 break fill, 1 cymbal loop, 6 rainstick shake loops, 1 slow down end fill, 1 snare roll fill, 1 soft crash and kick hit, 3 dry tamb hits, 3 wet tamb hits

077 bpm Groove Beat - 11 loops, 5 fills, 1 ritard end fill, 1 hat loop, 1 kick crash hit, 1 sting fill

078 bpm Rock - 22 loops, 16 fills (1 ending), 1 crash kick hit

087 bpm Ballad - 32 loops, 12 fills, 3 break fills, 1 break ending fill, 4 ride loops, 1 ride hit

090 Ballad Groove - 27 loops, 13 fills (1 ending), 1 crash and kick hit, 1 ped hat hit

092 bpm Brush No Room - 18 loops, 8 fills (1 intro, 1 ending), 1 build fill,
2 crash and kick hits, 1 soft brush snare hit, 1 stinger hit, 2 two count turn around fills

092 bpm Brush with Room Mics - 16 loops, 10 fills (1 intro, 1 ending), 1 build fill, 2 crash and kick hits, 2 two count turn around fills

097 bpm Busy Snare beat - 28 loops (1 ending), 3 soft loops (1 ending), 9 fills, 1 break fill, 5 break loops, 3 crash and kick hits, 2 soft ride and kick hits

100 bpm Laid Back Beat - 25 loops, 14 fills, 1 break fill, 2 break or end fills, 5 build fills, 5 crash and kick hits, 2 one bar crash and kick loops, 1 kick hit, 1 light rim hit, 1 ped hat hit, 1 snare and hat hit

105 bpm Ballad Rock - 12 loops, 2 fills, 2 pause fills, 6 cymbal loops, 1 cymbal fill, 1 crash and kick hit

106 bpm Funky Rock - 30 loops, 3 fills, 5 break loops, 3 break fills, 2 crash and kick hits, 1 snare break loop, 1 snare break fill

107 bpm Brush Folk Rock - 23 loops, 7 fills, 3 break fills, 5 brush snare and kick loops, 1 brush snare fill, 4 brush snare loops, 1 crash and kick hit, 1 light crash hit, 1 slow down ending fill, 4 snare fills (2 with pickups)

110 bpm Funk Rock - 26 loops, 12 fills, 1 hat fill, 1 break fill, 1 choked crash hit, 1 ending

116 bpm Ballad 12/8 feel - 38 loops, 14 fills, 1 ride cymbal hit, 1 snare hit

118 bpm Pop Rock - 18 loops, 7 fills, 1 ending fill, 3 break fills, 2 break pickup fills, 1 crash and kit hit, 1 choke crash and kit hit

119 bpm Rock - 23 loops, 13 fills, 1 end fill, 1 end hit, 1 pickup fill

140 bpm Roomy Blues in 6 - 29 loops, 13 fills, 1 crash kick ending, 1 snare fill

Bonus 129 bpm Pop Rock (CD-ROM only) - 17 loops, 12 fills, 1 long build fill, 1 ending fill, 2 break fills, 1 break pickup fill, 1 choked hat and kick hit, 2 crash and kick hits

Extra Individual Drum Hits - 22 various hits

Misc. Extra Loops - 25 various loops

Processed Drums - 70 processed loops and 2 processed hits

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Version Compressed Download Size
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  WAV/ACID:  520.2 MB

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License Agreement

The Following End User License Agreement is included with Performance Loops - Drums Vol. 2. This License is only valid for the individual who has purchased an unopened, new and lawfully made copy of Performance Loops - Drums Vol. 2 from a dealer or distributor authorized by Big Fish Audio.

"The contents of this disc (the sounds) are licensed for commercial use - music production, public performance, broadcast, etc. However, reproduction or duplication of the contents of this disc - in whole or in part, or by any means - for the purpose of giving, trading, lending, renting, re-issue or resale, is strictly prohibited without the express written consent of Musictech.

Musictech constantly monitors third party releases to check for infringements of Musictech's copyrights."

Electronic Musician | 4 out of 5

Drum loops are as common as ants at a picnic, and for good reason. They provide a basic rhythmic template for songwriting, they're the foundation of contemporary dance music, and they work great for broadcast and multimedia projects where deadlines are a...

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