Big Fish Audio - Sculptor: Live Impacts Module - Simple sound-shaping dials that allow for a high level of customisation
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Sculptor: Live Impacts Module

Simple sound-shaping dials that allow for a high level of customisation
Kontakt 5
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This library contains Kontakt files for fully purchased Kontakt 5.5.1 or higher. Will not work in the free Kontakt Player

SCULPTOR: Live Impacts Module is the first in a new series of exceptional sound design tools for Kontakt from Gothic Instruments – the developers behind the critically acclaimed DRONAR atmosphere generator. Create monstrous slamming impacts, ear splitting strikes and thundering blows in an instant with a set of simple, sound-shaping dials that also allow for a high level of customisation. Creating monumental events that induce panic, fear and excitement amongst your audience has never been easier!

About the SCULPTOR Series

SCULPTOR is a series of Kontakt libraries by Gothic Instruments that cover different aspects of sound design (impacts, whooshes, drops and rises), with new sound sets released regularly at a discount to existing customers.

The SCULPTOR mission is to give you world-class raw material, huge customisation by recombining sound fragments and adjusting sound-shaping dials, while keeping it simple and highly expressive.

SCULPTOR: Live Impacts Module

This first release in the SCULPTOR series, generates monstrous slamming impact sounds from audiophile recordings of fire, explosions, stone and metal processed by Hollywood trailer sound-design genius Alessandro Camnasio (Fantastic Beasts & Where To Find Them, The Jungle Book, Mad Max, Transformers and many more).

This instrument is perfect for massive standalone impact sounds as well as larger-than-life hybrid percussion. It is also great for layering with drums for massive bolt-on power as well as game and film sound effects for monumental events like impacts, collisions, metal strikes, raining missiles, deep booms, earthquakes, thunder and explosions.

Every Impact is made up of 2 elements (3 if you have the PRE-WHOOSH enabled) - IMPACT and DECAY. These elements are the attack and the long release. The Live Impacts Module quickly crossfades between the 2 different sounds (each with 3 velocity layers) in order to produce sonic complexity and a wide range of variations.


The three windows in Sculptor´s main interface are sound menus.

PRE-WHOOSH: if enabled, this is a reverse sound that can give your Impact an impressive thwack. Imagine the sense of a high speed incoming projectile!

GAP: adjust the time between the PRE-WHOOSH and the main IMPACT with the GAP dial. A longer gap increases the dramatic tension, akin to hearing the air rush of an alien missile immediately prior to Earth Impact. The GAP goes up in 16th note increments, fixed to your host tempo. This way you can draw a note into your DAW Key Editor knowing that the main impact will always land on the beat.

IMPACT: the initial attack transient.

DECAY: the long fading component.

RANDOM: this magic button loads a random set of sounds into the slots on the last-played key, offering you an endless set of new impact sounds.

The knobs under each window control the volume of that part of the sound. Different relative levels can have a pronounced effect on the sound, from a hard-edged sound (loud IMPACT, quiet DECAY) to a big long cavernous boom (quiet IMPACT, loud DECAY).

SOUND SHAPING DIALS: These dials give you a great degree of control over the sound on your last-played MIDI key-pair. Includes Velocity, Pan, Filter Cutoff, Filter Q (Resonance), Velocity to Filter Map, Tune (Pitch), Decay and Release.


This page presents global effects which will affect every sound currently loaded across the whole keyboard. Use the DRIVE and COMP(pression) to create some enormous distorted megalithic monstrosities! View the Master FX GUI image or download the manual on the right of this page for more details.

Audio Demos

Many of the audio demos offer both a dressed and naked version to give a clear perspective of Sculptor´s audio capabilities.


- Easily create slamming impact sounds
- Sounds sourced from fire, explosions, stone and metal
- Processed by Hollywood trailer sound designer Alessandro Camnasio
- Each impact made up of 2-3 elements for sonic complexity and variety
- Perfect for massive standalone impact sounds
- Great for building larger-than-life hybrid percussion
- Create a sense of a high speed incoming projectile with the Pre-Whoosh feature
- Increase tension by using the GAP dial to adjust time between whoosh and impact
- Get fresh inspiration with the RANDOM button for endless new impact sounds
- Additional controls and dedicated FX page for further customisation options
- Includes 82 highly useable presets
- Also features 1.46GB of Impct sounds capturing every preset as an aif file
- Unique animated interface
- Perfect for video games, soundtracks and electronic/dance music
- Ideal for pop/rock productions when layered with more conventional drums.

This library contains Kontakt files for fully purchased Kontakt 5.5.1 or higher. Will not work in the free Kontakt Player

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