Big Fish Audio - Evolution: Dragon - Create epic hybrid soundtracks and trailer music in light-speed
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Up To 70% Off Spring Sale Is Here!
Save On Top Loops & Instruments! Shop Now


Evolution: Dragon

Create epic hybrid soundtracks and trailer music in light-speed
Evolution: Dragon - Create epic hybrid soundtracks and trailer music in light-speed
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Kontakt 5
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Evolution Dragon - the first instrument from Keepforest's Signature series.

This sample library is specialized in creating cinematic/hybrid trailer music. The main product's feature is easy customization, that saves your time. Its powerful rhythmic sequencer allows you to make own underscore patterns and simplify your work as never before.


The hybrid scoring tool includes all "must have" elements for creating real Hollywood trailer sound design and will be useful not only for composers but for everyone who has relation to film/game trailer industry. "Our main goal was to create something special that helps to make easy and fast music score"

This library contains high quality recorded, ready to work instruments and designed rhythmic elements, synths, basses pads and other types of instruments designed with both acoustic and synth sources. The main part of Evolution is ready-to-work flexible rhythm designer, which allows you to put various rhythmic elements to the tracks simply and fast.

Bogatyr user interface was built for easy customization, keeping you focused on your workflow. It allows you to change not only rhythm patterns (1/4, 1/8, 1/16, 1/32, 1/4T, 1/8T, 1/16T, 1/32T) in rhythmic type of patches but to change the whole structure of the samples as well. One of the problems in modern scoring sample instruments is transformation from one rhythm pattern to another, that can lead to wrong dynamics. This is especially clearly seen when we need to shift the weak and strong beats of the loop.


The library includes two types of rhythmic instruments. Standart and Beat Machine:

Small attack/release values. Ability to change the whole structure of the samples to get the correct location of the weak and strong beats.

Beat Machine
Less CPU load. Better high pitch/tune transformation.


The engine contains over 16000 lines of code and includes many engine controls, including Tempo-Host-Synced Step-Sequencer, Gate, Pan and Filter Controls. Two tempo-synced/not-synced modulations. Main Hybrid Control knob, Glitch/Randomizer, Effect Controls, Purge Mode, Gate Decay, Glide, Stereo Control, Whoosh control and presets.

Born out of insomnia, built around composer and sound designer Arseni Khodzin and composer/programmer Evgeny Emelyanov. Additional editing and recording content: Arthur Basov. Custom 3D graphic user interface design: Alex Pashuk and Igor Strelnikov.


- Requires Full version of Kontakt 5.5.1 or higher (not compatible with free Kontakt player)
- SAMPLES.WAV format, 44.1kHz / 24bit
- Requires3.6 GB of hard drive space
- Instruments Over 120 Kontakt instruments
- PresetsAbility to load and save modulation and sequencer presets.

The minimum Kontakt version required to use this library is specified in the product description.

Windows 7, 8 or 10 (latest Service Pack, 32/64 Bit), Intel Core Duo or AMD Athlon 64, 4 GB RAM (6GB recommended)

Mac OS X 10.10, 10.11 or 10.12, Intel Core Duo, 4 GB RAM (6 GB recommended)

- Stand-Alone
- Audio Units
- CoreAudio
- AAX Native (Pro Tools 10 or later)
- OS compatibility of previous Kontakt versions

- Kontakt 5 5.3.1 Win (WIN 7 or higher)
- Kontakt 5 5.3.1 Mac (OS X 10.7 or higher)

- Kontakt 5 5.1.0 Win (WIN XP or higher)
- Kontakt 5 5.1.0 Mac (OS X 10.7 or higher)

- Kontakt 5 5.0.3 Win (WIN XP or higher)
- Kontakt 5 5.0.3 Mac (OS X 10.6)

- Kontakt 4 4.2.2 Win (WIN XP or higher)
- Kontakt 4 4.2.2 Mac (OS X 10.5 / 10.6)

Download Sizes

Version Compressed Download Size
Kontakt 5 Download includes
  Installation Instructions:  1 KB
  Evolution: Dragon - Part 1:  3 GB
  Evolution: Dragon - Part 2:  39 MB

*When ordering the download product from Big Fish Audio you will be given one or more links for each of your product purchases. The links will be active for 24 hours. During this time you should download the file and expand it. You can return to your Big Fish Audio account at any time and download your products. You will find your products in the "My Products" area of your account page.

License Agreement

The Following End User License Agreement is included with Evolution: Dragon. This License is only valid for the individual who has purchased an unopened, new and lawfully made copy of Evolution: Dragon from a dealer or distributor authorized by Big Fish Audio.

"By installing this product you accept the following product license agreement: 1. License Grant: The license for this product is granted only to a single user. All sounds and samples in this product are licensed to you by Keepforest for commercial and non-commercial use in music, sound-effect, audio/video post-production, performance, broadcast or similar finished content creation and production use. Keepforest allows you to use any of the sounds and samples in the library you've purchased for commercial recordings without paying any additional license fees or providing source attribution to Keepforest. This license expressly forbids any unauthorized inclusion of content contained within this library, or any other Keepforest library, into any other sampled instrument or library of any kind, without our express written consent. You can use these sounds in your music, your arrangements, music productions, and live performances without worrying about royalties or permissions at all! This license also forbids the use of the software and its samples for the creation of new sample libraries, including but not limited to resampling, mixing, processing, isolating, or embedding into software or hardware. Licenses cannot be transferred to another entity without written consent of Keepforest. 2. Rights: Keepforest retains full copyright privileges and complete ownership of all recorded sounds, instrument programming, documentation and musical performances included in this product. 3. Refunds: Once you download our product, we cannot accept refunds or returns. Out support is limited to the samples themselves. All support with respect to Kontakt must be directed to Native Instruments. This license agreement is effective from the moment the product is installed by any means. But Keepforest may choose to do so at its own discretion. E-mail us 4. Responsibility: Using This product and any supplied software is at the licensee's own risk. Keepforest holds no responsibility for any direct or indirect loss arising from any form of use of this product. Please, remember, Evolution will only work with Native Instruments Kontakt 5.5.1 FULL (and up), but is not designed/intended for any other sampler. The sounds are licensed "as is" without warranties of any kind. Support us if you want more insanely sampled instruments like this one! Please, read through our documentation before seeking tech support!"

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