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Welcome to the new Big Fish Audio website. Please visit our Weekly Specials.

Welcome to the new Big Fish Audio website. Please visit our Weekly Specials.

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A Kontakt instrument featuring unusual textures and perspectives on solo violin
Violence - A Kontakt instrument featuring unusual textures and perspectives on solo violin
Instrument Type:
Sound Design
Plug-in, Kontakt Player 4, Kontakt 4
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Vir2 InstrumentsALT
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MusicTech Magazine "...ideal for deep musical styles and sound-design duties.. Violence is well worth a look."  - MusicTech Magazine
Electronic Musician "5/5! If you're looking for imaginative and organic sounds to round out your instrumental palette, you need to audition Violence."  - Electronic Musician
Recording Magazine "Violence is full of quirky sonic goodness, and unusual timbres that are perfect for scoring or sound design in that action film."  - Recording Magazine

Violence is a multidimensional and innovative virtual instrument that harnesses extremely unusual textures, manglings, distortions, and perspectives on the solo violin.

Created for both musical use and sound design, Violence features an unprecedented deconstruction of a solo violin recorded from numerous angles: bowed, scraped, hit and plucked; played with mallets, chopsticks, guitar picks, and wet fingers. Then the sound design was re-pitched, layered, and post-processed through an array of unusual tools to produce sounds unlike any found in other virtual instruments. More than eighty unique patches were designed, each with a custom set of scripted knobs and controls all conveniently organized into four categories of sounds: Drum Kits, Melodic, Pads and Sound Effects, and Tempo-Synced.

The inspiration for Violence came from the influential American composer John Cage, whose extensive experiments with prepared piano yielded new timbres and effects. What Cage did on the piano, Violence brings to the violin: a new and unorthodox approach to a traditional instrument, yielding amazing and fresh new instruments, textures, and sound design elements. Violence combines physical alterations with digital manipulations for a sound that straddles acoustic and electronic realms.

Violence is powered by the industry-leading Kontakt engine. It is compatible with VST, AudioUnit, and RTAS (Pro Tools 7 & 8) plug-in formats allowing it to work seamlessly within any major sequencer, in addition to standalone use.
Violence features a variety of controls which are custom-designed for each of its 82 instruments. The instruments are subdivided into four major category folders:

  • Drum Kits

  • Melodic

  • Pads and SFX

  • Tempo Synced

Depending on the instrument loaded, appropriate knobs for tweaking the instrument appear in the interface, such as:

  • Quantization

  • Envelope controls (attack and release)

  • Stereo spread

  • Lopass and hipass filters

  • Layer blend controls

  • Effects (reverb, delay, drive, flanger, vibrato, rotator, wobble, and others)

  • Autopan control

  • Repeater

These features can be seen in the screenshots of various Violence instruments below.
Violence Screenshot

Violence Screenshot

Violence Screenshot

Violence Screenshot

Download Sizes

Version Compressed Download Size
Kontakt Player 4/Kontakt 4/Plug-in Download includes
  Violence Mac Installer:  828 MB
  Violence PC Installer:  798 MB

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License Agreement

The Following End User License Agreement is included with Violence. This License is only valid for the individual who has purchased an unopened, new and lawfully made copy of Violence from a dealer or distributor authorized by Big Fish Audio.

"The samples contained herein are licensed, not sold to you, the individual end user, by Vir2 Instruments. This non-exclusive, non-transferable license is granted only to the individual end user who has purchased an unopened, new, and lawfully made copy of this product from a dealer or distributor authorized by Vir2 Instruments. All samples remain the property of Vir2 Instruments and are licensed only for use in the creation of a live or recorded performance that includes the licensed samples as part of a derivative musical work created by the licensed end user. This license expressly forbids resale, rental, loan, gift, or transfer of these samples in any format or via any medium, except as part of a derivative musical work. The samples may not be included, whether unmodified or as part of a derivative work, in any sample library product. Any unlicensed usage will be prosecuted to the maximum extent possible under the law."

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