Total Blues

The perfect solution for adding blues instrumental elements to your production

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As the great Willie Dixon said, “Blues is the roots, all the other music is the fruits!

With 1 GB of authentic blues content, 330 loops and stems and 200 instrument single hits, TOTAL BLUES gives you the perfect solution for adding beautiful blues instrumental elements to your audio productions.

Recorded using a huge range of genuine blues-era instruments, mics, outboard and processing, these sounds will give your productions the raw emotional energy that only comes from gifted musicians with the blues!

You'll find an amazing array of loops at all tempos and lengths from 70 BPM to 150 BPM , at 2, 4, 16 and 32 bars, making this collection work for all kinds of styles, whatever you need a blues element for - be it hip hop, downtempo, film and tv work, breaks and electronica or original, emotional EDM.

This collection is not only beautifully played and full of emotional character, it also contains a hugely diverse array of instruments in each sub category, each with the own signature sound.

Whats in the pack:

Drum Loops and Stems
Over 100 blues based breakbeats played using multiple kits and rooms. Big, tight blues grooves of every kind, with nods to rock, swing, jazz and classic breaks. The majority are larger stem loops between 4 and 32 bars, with multiple changes and included fills. Plus a selection of 20 pre-cut fills.

Guitar Loops and Stems
74 loops and stems, ranging in length and tempo from 2 bar hooks to whole improvised solo stems over a minute'll find a huge range of guitars and blues styles...howling emotional electrics, enchanting acoustic grooves, deep south sliding hooks, head nodding backing patterns and much, much more.
Horn Loops

40 Saxophone and assorted brass section loops. Improvised solo elements, mysterious airy horn sections and deep catchy chorus style horn hooks from many styles of blues.

Piano and Keys Stems
25 Melancholy medleys and soulful keys on both classical and Rhodes pianos, beautifully played and recorded with maximum emotion and soul.

Bass Loops
A selection of 16 backing bass grooves and hooks using three different bass guitars processed to be mix ready for your low end needs.

Harmonica Loops
Over 40 loops of multiple lengths featuring harmonica styles and sounds, both clean and processed. Deep windy howls straight from the Mississippi delta, laden with that genuine sound of heart break and hope-filled emotion.

Single Hits
A great selection of handpicked, big, full, drum sounds from all the kits , a range of horn improvisations and assorted acoustic instrument hits and blues fx

The best blues is visceral, cathartic, and starkly emotional. From unbridled joy to deep sadness, no form of music communicates more genuine emotion.

Total blues captures those emotions and feelings in a perfect collection, with everything you need to give your music that emotional blues feel.


Product Details:
-24 Bit Quality
-1 GB
-25 TOMS

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