Big Fish Audio - MachFive 3 - The creative sampler: instruments, sysnthesis, sampling, loops and sound design
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MachFive 3

The creative sampler: instruments, sysnthesis, sampling, loops and sound design
MachFive 3 - The creative sampler: instruments, sysnthesis, sampling, loops and sound design
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Introducing MachFive 3. Years in development. Payoff in minutes. Rebuilt from the ground up, the all-new MachFive 3 delivers state-of-the-art virtual instrument technology to your virtual studio.

What's New
Beauty and Brawn
Within minutes after you begin using MachFive 3, you'll appreciate the years of user interface design and engineering that have gone into this 3rd-generation release. From the configurable part list to the full-screen envelope editor, MachFive 3 has been designed to spur your creative muse while delivering state-of-the-art virtual instrument technology in a streamlined, efficient environment. After all, music, sound design, and audio production are creative endeavors that deserve a worthy partner in creativity.

Scripting Engine
Compared to a typical software instrument, MachFive's scripted virtual instruments are like the difference between a simple guitar preset and a real guitar player. MachFive's sophisticated instruments are truly technological marvels: they model not only the sounds of an instrument, in minute detail, but also the playing characteristics. For example, MachFive's included Telematic electric guitar instrument models strumming and picking techniques, which you can dial up as desired. Imagine strumming chords with proper fingerings, up/down-strokes, and other utterly authentic playing techniques. It's like having a real guitar player in your studio, who never spills beer or leaves practice early.

A Universe of Sounds
MachFive's signature scripted instruments give you incredibly realistic core instruments that are basic necessities for any studio: drums, bass, guitar, piano, and percussion. But that's just the beginning. MachFive also includes thousands of loops and phrases. From break-beats to mixed choirs, there's an entire universe to explore. MachFive Biosphere™ further broadens your sonic vistas with fresh, rich synth textures that are out of this world. And for the truly adventurous, the Xtreme FX bonus library from gives you 5,000 creative sound effects, foley effects, and ambient textures suitable for both music production and sound design.

Powerful New Synth Engine
From modular analog pioneered in the 1950's to milestone breakthroughs like FM and wavetable synthesis in the decades that followed, MachFive 3 delivers twelve synth engines that make it a powerful multi-synthesizer in its own right. When combined with MachFive's multi-sample instrument capabilities and extensive effects, the possibilities for hybrid synthesis and sound design are limitless.

IRCAM Technology
The IRCAM institute in Paris is renowned worldwide as a leading research institute in music and audio technology. MachFive holds licensed, cutting-edge IRCAM technology that you can unleash on your sound design.

Automation and Modulation
MachFive's extensive automation and modulation architecture is perhaps the most extensive and flexible ever devised in a virtual instrument. You'll never run out of modulation sources, destination, or ideas.

New Flexible Effects Architecture
MachFive's effects architecture has been completely re-architected and now allows you to apply effects at any level, from individual oscillators to MachFive's master output.

New Filters and Effects
MachFive's new Xpander filter is based on the venerable Oberheim Xpander filters, and provides no less than 37 modes, each a separate filter effect in its own right. MachFive now includes 47 different effects.

Convolution Reverb
MachFive's enhanced IR Verb™ is so CPU efficient, you can apply it freely throughout MachFive. Enjoy dozens of new impulse responses, including classic high-end studio reverbs from the last 30 years.

Enhanced Sample Library Support
MachFive directly reads all major
3rd-party hardware/software sampler formats, including Kontakt, Giga, EXS24 and HALion, plus legacy formats from Kurzweil, Akai, Roland, Ensoniq, Sample Cell, and many others.

Even Processors
Event processors add a new and exciting element to your performances and sound design. Included processors such as MachFive's extensive arpeggiator and Micro Tuner are only the beginning.

Preset Browsing and Searching
Type a word into the search field and up pops a list of all related presets. MachFive's multi-column browser lets you load sounds into multiple parts without having to close and reopen it.

LoopLab Beat Slice Editor
MachFive was the first sampler to introduce the concept of in-line slice loop editing, and the Version 3 LoopLab has been updated and expanded to offer the most complete environment for loop editing and beat-slicing.

Full Screen Operation
The MachFive window expands to fill your entire computer monitor. This immediately injects surgical precision into your edits, from editing a loop point to sculpting the perfect filter envelope curve.

Simplicity by Design
MachFive's expandable part list, multi-column searchable browser, and one-click access to programming features keeps your creative flow going by giving you quick access to crucial tasks, while making it easy to dig into deeper programming when needed. Some samplers give you power, but at the expense of streamlining creativity when speed matters most. Not MachFive: for tasks such as sound searching and selecting, and basic on-the-fly sound tweaking, MachFive 3 has no match.

Full Screen Editing
Sometimes, your creativity takes over and fills your mind. With MachFive 3, it can fill your computer screen, too. Do precision editing of the beat slices of a loop. Build a multi-layer, multi-sample instrument preset of your very own. Sculpt the perfect multi-point envelope curve. When you work full-screen, your edits take on exceptionally high precision. And your creative focus becomes more intense. It's like the difference between peering through a keyhole into a room, versus presiding over the entire room.

Unlimited Everything
MachFive 3 isn't about limitations. It's about limitless possibilities. That's why it places no restrictions on the number of creative elements you can work with. Are you inspired to build a sound with 14 oscillators? Go for it. Feeling compelled to build a monster multi-sample instrument with 120 sample layers? Gotcha covered. MachFive 3 has been engineered with a modular, extensible architecture designed to facilitate multi-faceted sound design with highly efficient CPU performance.

Oscillator Editor
Oscillators are the heart of MachFive: they are the sound-producing cores that instruments and loops are made of. The most basic form of oscillator is a sample or loop. But MachFive offers an astonishing twelve different types of oscillators, from pure modeled analog to granular synthesis. You can program them solo, in all their naked glory, or you can layer them to create unbelievably rich and unique sound textures. The Oscillator Editor is also home to MachFive's incredible LoopLab beat slice editor.

Mapping Editor
Oscillators belong to keygroups mapped to notes on the musical keyboard. The Mapping Editor gives you an intuitive, graphic environment for mapping keygroups, which makes it easy — and outright fun — to build your own multi-sample instruments. Drag keygroup edges, assign colors, and right-click the grid to access convenient tools in the contextual menu. Drag and drop samples from your computer desktop. You can even drag in multiple samples at once: MachFive maps them for you. Other sophisticated capabilities lurk here as well, including overlap crossfades and unlimited layers. That's right, you can layer keygroups as deeply as you want. For sound-programming geeks, or the truly adventurous, you can program three-dimensional layer performance through programmable rules. Make no mistake: this is a sound programmer's paradise.

Tree Editor
The Tree Editor gives you complete, instant access to every element of your sounds in MachFive. Everything is shown hierarchically in an intuitive scrolling list, so you can clearly see the organizational relationships between all elements, starting with MachFive's master output fader at the very top of the list. Parts, presets, keygroups, and so on, all the way down to individual oscillators, follow below in orderly fashion, with effects, macros, event processors and other elements at all levels along the way. The Tree Editor brings order and understanding to potentially complex signal routings, modulations, and other elements of your MachFive sounds. If you want to truly know All Things MachFive, visit the Tree Editor, my little grasshopper.

List Editor
MachFive's List Editor is the perfect antidote for those of us who get a little, well, "OCD" in the heat of the creative moment. It presents a clear, well-ordered representation of your MachFive sounds, with every detail dutifully listed for careful inspection and tweaking. The List Editor is definitely a left-brain tool, the perfect complement to MachFive's plentiful right-brain graphic editors.

Effects Racks
MachFive gives you an extensive and flexible effects architecture. You can apply unlimited effects in real-time at all levels, from individual samples to your entire mix, with instant recall of all settings. 47 real-time effects are included, such as reverb, tempo-synced delay, tremolo, chorus, filters, guitar amp simulation, CPU-efficient convolution reverb, and many others. Effects can be applied to presets as insert effects, essentially as a component of the sound itself, or throughout MachFive's extensive mixing architecture (as bus effects).

Performance View
Keyboard synths have come a long way over the years. But nothing like this. Granted, MachFive has an unfair advantage, as it brings to bear all of the resources of your entire computer: memory, CPU performance, disk space, and a large screen. Then there's the Performance View, which turns MachFive into an expressive, multi-layered instrument that dynamically responds to key switches from your MIDI controller, giving you unprecedented dynamic control over switching, layering, and blending of many sounds. Create key ranges with crossfades, and layer groups with key switches. You can create your own "meta-synth" unlike anything your audience could imagine.

MachFive 3's on-screen mixer is an easy and inuititive way to set channel levels, panning, and effects inserts for each part. But that's only the beginning. MachFive's effects architecture has been enhanced and expanded to give you all the flexibility you need for completely self-contained mixing and routing, including unlimited parts (channel strips), unlimited effects, master effects (bus and aux), program effects (bus and aux), part effects, and much more. MachFive also gives you multiple ways to access the mixing structure, from the intuitive on-screen mixer to the bussing and effects nodes displayed in the Tree Editor.

Browsing and Searching Made Easy
With a universe of sounds at your fingertips, finding exactly the right preset might seem like searching for a needle in a haystack. But MachFive's multi-column browser makes it quick and easy, with intuitive disk and library browsing. Type a word into the search field and up pops all related presets, which you can audition as you click. Load presets into multiple parts without closing the browser — a huge time-saver.

Universal Loops & Instruments
This sound bank provides 6 GB of multi-sample instruments, synth instruments, loops, and phrases. You'll find plenty of drum loops, acoustic drum kits, electronic drum kits, acoustic pianos, electric pianos, church organs, electric organs, acoustic guitars, electric guitars, strings, brass, woodwinds, synths, ethnic instruments, voices, percussion, sound design, sound effects, and more. Of all the included sound banks, Universal Loops & Instruments is the most versatile collection of sounds, spanning a wide variety of musical genres, eras, geographical regions, and cultural styles. If you are looking for variety, this is the place to start.

MachFive Biosphere
Sweeping arpeggiations. Enveloping atmospheres. Soaring leads. Anthem stacks. Resonant pads. These are fresh new sounds developed by today's leading programmers to ignite your imagination and set your creativity aloft. MachFive Biosphere presets include macro controls for quickly transforming the factory preset into your own unique creation.

X-Treme FX
Xtreme FX™ is an 8 GB bonus sound library from that puts 5,000 creative sound FX, foley effects, and provocative textures at your fingertips. From car crashes to space storms, you'll find sounds and textures perfect for your music productions and sound design projects alike.

Macro Controls
MachFive sounds have deep programming, but macro controls give you direct, instant access to the sound's most crucial and interesting parameters. Twist a macro knob and the result may surprise you. In fact, macros can even control many parameters at once, to completely transform the sound with a simple twist. Create your own unique sounds in seconds. Sound design has never been this easy and fun!

Deep Synthesis
MachFive's all-new synth engine produces twelve different forms of synthesis, from classic additive and subtractive, to frequency modulation (FM) and wavetable. Feeling adventurous? Try MachFive's granular synthesis engine, developed by the world-famous IRCAM research institute in Paris, France. You get most of the milestone synthesis techniques developed over the last 40 years, all together under one roof, where you can combine sampling and synthesis, or synthesis and synthesis. So break out your synth programming chops and get ready to rumble.

Noise is the 'dirt' of audio. And sometimes, getting a little dirty is a good thing. That's why MachFive provides a dedicated noise oscillator. But we didn't just supply run-of-the-mill white and pink noise. MachFive's noise oscillator gives you an impressive eleven different types of noise, including violet, blue, brown, Lorenz, Rossler, and sample-and-hold noise. Each one sounds surprisingly unique, giving you a broad palette from which to go forth and filthify.

Universal Sample Library Support
MachFive 3 directly loads every major sample format. From Giga to EXS, SampleCell to Kontakt, Apple Loops to REX files, all major 3rd-party formats load without any conversion, saving you tons of time and headache. You can even load disc-based formats like Roland S-700 or Kurzweil K2xxx. Load right off the CD, or make disk images of them to access the sounds without the CD in your drive. MachFive offers you the chance to finally consolidate all of your sample formats into a single, convenient front-end.

Loops and Phrases
MachFive's loop editing is like a dream come true. Drag and drop loops from your desktop or host, and edit them destructively or non-destructively — your choice. Trigger the loop to play from a MIDI note at any tempo or pitch, or in tempo with other loops and/or your host software. You can also trigger loops from your host transport controls, with numerous trigger options. Slice beat-based loops and trigger individual slices from your MIDI controller. Export as audio or MIDI data. From start to finish, MachFive gives you all the tools you need to create and play killer loops.

Effects Processing
Start with a plain, simple sound. Add a delay, a filter, and some reverb, and...magic happens. Effects processing is an absolutely essential component of sound design. Effects can be applied to channels, aux busses, and the master fader, just like a conventional mixing console. But for sound design, effects can also be applied directly to all of the components used to build sounds in MachFive: keygroups, layers, programs (presets), program aux busses, and parts. As many as you want: delays, filters, amp sims, chorusing... they all play a powerful role in sound design. Of course, you can save the effects as part of the program.

IR Verb Convolution Reverb
IR Verb™ delivers the pristine sound of real acoustic spaces. Browse dozens of presets, including studio rooms, concert halls, auditoriums, stadiums and cathedrals. But IR Verb™ also delivers the sound of many classic, highly-coveted studio reverbs that until now could only be found in world-class recording studios. IR Verb™ also supplies dozens of impulse responses (captured samples) of vintage spring and plate reverbs from the 50's, 60's and 70's. You can also use impulse responses (IRs) for sound design. MachFive provides many sound design presets, or you can drag and drop to load your own and then edit the IR waveform directly — a feature exclusive to MachFive — for unlimited sound design possibilities.

Filters, Filters and more Filters
MachFive provides dozens of filters. And when it comes to filters: the filthier, the better. MachFive provides adjustable filter resonance, which can be automated and modulated. Still not enough? Apply filter drive in three different flavors: analog, mild, and strong. Need even more? Make your sound more filthy than dirt itself with 2x, 4x, 8x, or 16x oversampling.

Xpander Filter
MachFive's unique Xpander multi-mode filter, based on the classic Oberheim Xpander analog synthesizer, has 37 different modes, each a separate filter in its own right. This is an order 4 Moog ladder-style filter with built-in saturation and oversampling. Xpander broadens the number of modes found in the original Oberheim and analog variants by Doepfer.

All Together Now
It's been said that the most radical thing we can do as human beings is to introduce people to each other. With MachFive, you can do the same with all of your sound design elements. Combine instruments and tempo-synced loops. Layer synth oscillators with sample-based parts. Add effects like delays, filters, and chorus and amp simulators. Mix them all together as a single instrument preset which you can save, reload, and even share with your friends and colleagues. The beauty of MachFive is that it is designed to help you combine sound design elements in ways never before conceived, until now.

Scripting Technology
MachFive 3 instruments faithfully reproduce the sound of real acoustic and electric instruments. Thanks to MachFive's new scripting technology, they can also reproduce playing characteristics of the instrument, such as finger picking, string hammer-ons, note bending, and even chord strumming. MachFive even knows and plays the proper fingerings and inversions for guitar chords, regardless of how you play them on your keyboard or other MIDI controller. It's like having a professional player in the studio with you, adding expression, depth and realism to your tracks.

Telematic - stunning realistic electric guitar
Telematic is a dynamic recreation of the Fender® Telecaster™ electric guitar consisting of 9,500 samples, five velocity layers, 4 round robin samples per note, separate up and down strokes, hammer on, pull off, slides up and down, mutes, fret noises, and just about every playing technique you can make with a guitar. Advanced features include chord recognition, an advanced strumming engine, chord sequencing, automatic hand position and string detection in solo mode, and more. As with all of MachFive's included scripted instruments, you can visit the Info tab to learn how to take full advantage of this incredibly deep and expressive instrument.

J Bass - expertly sampled and scripted electric bass
J-Bass provides a deeply sampled electric bass with a variety of playing techniques: finger and pick (with or without muting from the right hand), legato, hammer, and slide. Harmonics are also provided. Pick volume can be controlled independently. Amp cabinet simulation is included, along with a host of additional settings for adjusting the sound. This is a meticulously sampled instrument with tons of control, so you can fine-tune it to suit your exact needs.

The Upright - world class acoustic upright bass
As its name implies, The Upright is an upright acoustic bass instrument. Like the other scripted instruments included with MachFive, multiple micing positions are provided: overheads, bass (near the ƒ-hole) and a pickup mic (under the left side of the bridge). This gives you a lot of flexibility in creating a wide range of sounds and styles for this instrument. All of the playing styles and techniques you need can be produced with settings for hammer, slide, legato, slap, release volume, sensitivity and other settings.

F Grand 278 - expertly crafted Fazioli concert grand
The Fazioli grand piano is one of the most respected piano instruments ever created. F Grand 278 puts the sound of the Fazioli at your fingertips. Shape the sound of the instrument with controls for release volume, pedal volume, key noises, resonance volume (the sound of the body of the piano), reverb (room ambience), velocity sensitivity, and velocity amplification.

Mark 79 - richly sampled classic electric piano
Mark 79 pays homage to perhaps the most revered electric piano instrument of all time: the Fender® Rhodes™ Mark II suitcase from 1979. The library consists of 2,500 samples (7.5 GB) programmed across ten velocity layers. Advanced features include time-based release samples for accurate staccato sound, resonance, and “noise” samples for the pedal and keys. Effects include autopan, tremolo, spring reverb, distortion, and amp simulation.

Star Drums - a complete drum set in both acoustic and processed versions with multiple mics and mixing

Star Drums is a meticulously recorded acoustic drum kit captured with world-class microphones in a variety of miking positions around the kit. Separate presets provide dry and processed versions, with or without multiple output operation. Each preset offers multiple mic positions, which you can sub-mix using volume and pan controls. This is an incredibly versatile drum kit: with judicious use of the mixing features, you can dial in the perfect drum kit sound for any mix. Advanced features include adjustable sample cycling (for ultra-realistic repeat hits, such as closed hi-hat patterns) and default MIDI mapping for general MIDI, V-Drums and other industry standard drum controllers.

Percussiv - complete latin/world percussion set
This library provides comprehensive latin percussion to flesh out your desktop studio rhythm section and add ethnic flavor and panache to your rhythm tracks. General MIDI and default mappings are provided. You can also customize the mappings using MIDI Learn.

UVI Engine XT
The UVI engine is known worldwide for its CPU-efficient performance and incredible sound. Amazing feats of engineering magic abound, unseen, including on-the-fly upsampling and downsampling, which allow you to transparently load and play sample material with any bit depth or sample rate. Build a high-resolution sample library and use it at any sample rate that your current project calls for, without lengthy sample rate conversion operations.

Disk Streaming
Multi-sampled instruments often consist of many gigabytes of data. How does all that data on disk turn into sound instantly when you play a key? The answer is streaming: MachFive specializes in reading thousands of samples from your hard drive seemingly all at the same time, with efficiency and performance that are the envy of the industry.

HD Audio
Do you need to work in HD? MachFive is designed to handle multi-channel high-definition audio. Best of all, you don't even need to think about the resolution of your audio: MachFive will always preserve the highest sample rate and bit depth possible. MachFive takes advantage of high definition audio interfaces, allowing you to build your sound libraries at depths up to 32 bits and sample rates up to 192kHz.

Multi-Channel Surround
eliver the ultimate experience to your audience with multi-channel surround sound. Surround is standard fare now for movie soundtracks and special effects, and MachFive is used every day as an indispensable tool for soundtrack surround production. But surround is also being used more and more for music production, especially live tours. With support for up to 7.1 surround sound, MachFive can be your secret weapon for your surround music productions.

IRCAM Technology
MachFive includes licensed granular synthesis, time-stretching, and pitch-shifting technology from the world-renowned IRCAM research institute in Paris, France. Granular synthesis can be seamlessly incorporated into your sound design efforts in MachFive, side by side with the other synthesis models that MachFive offers. The IRCAM algorithms produce pristine audio time-stretching and pitch-shifting results, even when applying extreme tempo changes or pitch intervals. The results are so usable at extreme values, you can use them as powerful sound design tools.

IRCAM Granular Synthesis
Are you looking for fresh new sound vistas? You've come to the right place: MachFive 3's IRCAM granular oscillator puts cutting-edge synthesis technology at your fingertips, ready for you to explore. It's easy, fun, and the results will blow your mind. From alien landscapes to unimaginable timbres, granular synthesis will keep you entranced for hours.

Loop Lab
Loop Lab is MachFive's unique slice loop editor. Modify REX, ACID, UFS and Apple Loops, or create your own by simply dropping the loop into the Loop Lab — even if the loop has not yet been sliced. Loop lab instantly maps slices, and finds or sets the tempo. Perform destructive or non-destructive sample-level editing. Apply time-stretching with no artifacts. Trigger the loop via playback from your host software, or trigger each slice from a MIDI controller. Drag audio files from Loop Lab to your desktop or audio tracks in your host sequencer. You can even drag a loop into a MIDI track, where the loop appears as MIDI notes that trigger individual slices. You can then play the loop one slice at a time to customize it or completely reconstruct/deconstruct the loop by playing the slices in a different order.

Drag and Drop Everything
MachFive supports easy drag-and-drop importing of audio files, loops and samples. You can simply drag samples from your computer desktop or host application to the MachFive keyboard. You can even drag multiple samples in one step to map into layers or splits, chromatically, on white keys only, or even according to their pitch, which MachFive can determine automatically based on names. MachFive also lets you drag presets directly to their targets. When in doubt, try drag and drop.

Multi-Sample Support
When you drag multiple samples into MachFive, it automatically maps them across the keyboard for you. If you use a few straightforward naming conventions to indicate the pitch and volume level for each sample, MachFive will put every single sample at exactly the note and velocity range you specify, including multiple velocity stacks on single notes. Think about it: hundreds of your samples can be fully mapped in seconds with one drag and drop operation. Sound designers never had it so good!

Flexible Modulation Matrix
Almost every setting in the MachFive window can be automated, modulated or both. MachFive's modulation architecture is open-ended and flexible, giving you an unlimited number of internal sources (LFOs and envelopes) and completely flexible external assignments. For each MachFive object, you get two filters, eight LFOs, six envelopes and a variety of additional powerful modulation and filtering features that allow you to sculpt and tweak your sounds to perfection. Making assignments is easy: just control-click. The architecture allows for unlimited modulation connections, available at every stage of the synth section. MachFive can sync everything to tempo.

MachFive provides standard AHD and DAHDSR envelopes. But it also provides multi-envelopes with unlimited control points so you can sculpt the perfect envelope shape. They can sync to tempo, too.

Step Envelope
The Step envelope is the most rhythmic envelope in MachFive. It applies discrete steps to whatever it is modulating: pitch, cutoff frequency, resonance, or anything you want. Sync to tempo and make it burn.

One-Click Automation
Want to control a paramater, such as filter cutoff, from your MIDI controller? Option-click or Alt-click to assign it. It's that simple. Or use one of MachFive's powerful Macros. Then 'shape' the control with a mapper.

Mappers let you control how automation will affect what it is automating. In effect, you are shaping your automation control. This refined level of control can become absolutely crucial, depending on the target.

Layer Rules
When working with multiple sample layers in an instrument preset, you need to be able to add dynamic and expressive behaviors for switching between layers. Enter Layer Rules. Use key switches, pitch bend, note speed or duration, legato, and other performance characteristics to craft expressive layer switching in seconds. Create as many rules and sub-rules as you wish. Layer rules are more advanced than simple key switches, but much easier than the ultimate flexibility of event processors (scripts).

Scripting Engine
Scripting adds a whole new dimension to music production and sound design by allowing presets to dynamically respond to MIDI performance characteristics, such as note intervals, chords, and controller data. The result? An unprecedented level of musical expression and nuance. MachFive's Telecaster, J-Bass and The Upright instruments are excellent examples. Depending on what you play, they can strum a chord, bend a note, slide up the fret board, hammer onto a string, mute a string, and many other gestures. MachFive's scripting engine is based on an industry standard programming language, allowing sound designers — or anyone with modest programming chops — to build their own scripted instruments. Custom scripts are loaded into MachFive as Event Processors, which are accessed in MachFive's Event Rack, which works just like MachFive's intuitive Effects Rack.

Event Rack
The Event Rack holds event processors, which are “MIDI effects” modules used just like audio effects: they can be applied to programs, parts, and layers. Event Processors receive an incoming MIDI data stream, analyze it, and — based on a prescribed set of actions — produce altered MIDI output. For example, MIDI chords played as input can be arpeggiated as output. Event processors can range from very simple tasks, such as inverting notes around a center pitch, to incredibly advanced, elaborate processes, such as nuanced strumming techniques for jazz rhythm guitar. Event processors can produce output that barely resembles the input, with virtually no limit to the ways incoming data can be transformed.

Use MachFive's Arpeggiator as a pattern gate, arpeggiator, or even an advanced rhythmic processor for your live MIDI performance or sequenced MIDI tracks. Many presets are provided to get you started, divided into three categories: arpeggiator (for classic arpeggiation), chords (for multi-note arpeggiation), and mono (for percussive effects and bass lines). Quickly dial up driving, nuanced patterns using the graphic step-editor. You've never had so much fun producing this many notes with so little effort.

Script Processors
Script Processors perform advanced, customized transformations and analysis of a MIDI data stream. In short, they perform miracles of MIDI transformation. Many useful presets are provided (see below). Got programming chops? Create and load your own scripts, with standard and custom user interface elements, using MachFiveScript™, a scripting language based on the industry-standard Lua programming language (, and a MachFive-specific API. Lua is a simple yet efficient and powerful scripting language used in many video games.
For MachFive version 3.0 and later
A minimum of 2 GB of RAM is required. However, since MachFive loads samples (or a portion of the samples) into the computer's RAM add as much RAM as possible to your computer; 4 GB is recommended. MachFive also allows samples to be streamed directly from disk thus freeing up RAM.

Large hard drive(s), preferably at least 100 GB. The disk on which the sounds are stored must be a fast hard disk. See “Hard disk format”, below, for additional requirements.

An iLok USB Smart Key from Pace Anti-Piracy. MachFive 3 is compatible with iLok 1 and 2. PLEASE NOTE: an iLok key is not included in the MachFive 3 package. If you are are upgrading from a previous version of MachFive, you can use your MachFive version 1 or 2 iLok for your new version 3 license, which is downloaded from

A free USB port for the iLok USB key. Note that if you have multiple products which use iLoks for authorization you can consolidate multiple authorizations onto a single iLok; see this tech note.

A CD/DVD disk drive for installation.

A digital audio workstation program or other program that hosts AU, VST, or RTAS instrument plug-ins. Alternatively, MachFive can be used as a standalone application.

Mac systems
Intel Core Duo CPU 1.83 GHz or faster; multiple processors or a multi-core processor is required. Intel Core 2 Duo CPU 2.0 GHz or faster recommended. Macs with PowerPC CPUs are not supported.

Mac OS X version 10.5, 10.6, or 10.7 (v10.5.8 or later is required).

Windows systems
Intel Core Duo CPU 1.83 GHz or faster; multiple processors or a multi-core processor is required. Intel Core 2 Duo CPU 2.0 GHz or faster recommended.

Windows 7 or Vista (32- or 64-bit; Vista SP2 or later is required).

64-bit operation
For native 64-bit operation, MachFive has the following additional requirements:
Mac OS X v10.6 or 10.7, or a 64-bit version of Windows 7 or Vista

64-bit CPU

64-bit plug-in host application, if using the 64-bit plug-in
Hard disk format

Due to the large size of MachFive's factory soundbank UFS files, the disk containing the soundbank files must be able to support individual files larger than 4 GB. This is determined by the disk's file system format.

The default file system format for disk drives on Mac OS X and Windows are compatible with MachFive's soundbank files:

Mac OS X: HFS+ (Mac OS Extended, journaled or unjournaled)

Windows: NTFS

The FAT32 format is not compatible with MachFive's soundbank files, as it does not allow file sizes greater than 4 GB.

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