Big Fish Audio - Straight Ahead Bass - A very realistic upright bass library
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Straight Ahead Samples

Straight Ahead Bass

A very realistic upright bass library
Straight Ahead Bass - A very realistic upright bass library
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Kontakt 5
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Note: This library requires the full version of Kontakt 5

Straight Ahead Samples is pleased to announce Straight Ahead! Bass. Taking from all that was learned on our Drums and Brushes & Mallets libraries, SAS dove right away into creating a realistic upright bass library. Our focus is similar to our drum libraries; the sound and the feel. Featuring our new "Accented Legato" script which is more than just stock legato transitions, this mimics the way players truly move from note to note.

About the Recording Process:

In our efforts to capture the most realistic and natural playing, we chromatically sampled the instrument by playing a musical phrase, that naturally contained all the articulations that we needed. By doing it this way, we got a much truer representation of what "8th notes," "quarter notes," and legato transitions actually sound like when someone is playing. This is because, even though players deeply understand their own technique and what these articulations are supposed to sound like, there are subtle nuances (and imperfections) to the notes when someone is playing a phrase; i.e. a player plays an short note differently if he/she's just playing isolated short notes, than if they play them in a string of eighth notes.

We also used this recording technique to great effect for our "Accented Legato" script. We recorded and extracted the appropriate legato transitions from only the particular part of the beat that we wanted, to get a more realistic legato transition that can only happen by recording this way.
- Deeply sampled beautiful, 7/8 size double bass
- 3 microphone positions w/ user-controlled interface
- Multiple articulations
- 4 velocity, 4 round robins
- "Accented Legato" scripting for realistic legato playing
- Arco
- 3.19 GB size

Download Sizes

Version Compressed Download Size
Kontakt 5 Download includes
  Bass Part 1:  1.34 GB
  Bass Part 2:  1.72 GB

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