Big Fish Audio - Ableton Pro Mix Racks - 150 Ableton audio effects racks for all your mixing and processing needs
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Savings up to 70% off!
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Push Button Bang

Ableton Pro Mix Racks

150 Ableton audio effects racks for all your mixing and processing needs
Ableton Pro Mix Racks - 150 Ableton audio effects racks for all your mixing and processing needs
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Electronica / EDM , and House
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Push button bang presents ABLETON PRO MIX RACKS.

An amazing library of 150 Ableton audio effects racks for all your mixing and processing needs.

This library is designed to give you a go to selection of every kind of processing effect rack you need for your electronic music.

Take your dry preset, instrument or sample and quickly shape it into a perfectly processed professional sound, cutting down production time and producing magical sounding results with ease.

The mix rack library is divided into folders based on suggested general instrument/channel type use.

It is very easy to preview and select the perfect mix processing effect for any particular sound. Then use the rack as is to immediately enhance the sound or tweak quickly until its just right for you. Its easy to create original sound dynamics, shapes and effects in any instrument channel and most importantly get a great professional sound!

You'll find all kinds of effects from compression workhorses, precision dynamics, experimental sound shaping, stereo manipulation, perfect frequency control, quick audio sculpting specific studio uses, and more technical racks to offer quick control of more advanced processing features within live.

Please check the full effect list to get an idea of contents.

ABLETON PRO MIX RACKS makes an invaluable addition to your live device library, enabling you to shape every instrument, group and master track into the perfect professional result for your chosen genre of electronic music.

Ableton Live 9.6.1+ Effects Racks

.adg (Ableton Device Group) files

Effect rack list (named by suggested use)


- Aux channel - long tail reverb with highs removed
- Aux channel - reverb deepen drums
- Aux channel - reverb with sidechain
- Aux channel - room reverb with high detail removed


- Bass - bass lead - high layer
- Bass - compress mid bass and drive stereo top
- Bass - create edges to liven dull bass
- Bass - create shine and drive
- Bass - double dry compression
- Bass - eq - bass boost in mid harmonics
- Bass - fatten and boost mid and high
- Bass - flatten layers and sharpen final bass
- Bass - low mid layer processing
- Bass - Mid bass saturation
- Bass - neuro bass maker (automate phaser)
- Bass - sub - bass control and saturation
- Bass - sub - low end only with compression
- Bass - vocal bass distortion
- Bass - vowel bass pusher
- Bass - wet controls mid range bass amp


- Buss - basic multiband limiting
- Buss - compression and lift high mid slightly
- Buss - compression general
- Buss - high ratio compression dynamics
- Buss - m-s push and limit
- Buss - multi split limiter
- Buss - steep lift and limit +9
- Buss - total saturatorBuss - transparent buss glue
- Buss - tube dynamics
- Buss -garage style sharp buss multiband comp


- Delay - creates chords with delays
- Delay - delayed pan fx for chords
- Delay - dubbed out delay
- Delay - group of fx use on melodic percussion
- Delay - multi-pan delay
- Delay - Panned rhythms
- Delay - percussive delays
- Delay - reggae delayDelay - rhythmic sequence delay
- Delay - triplets bounceDelay - widen stereo delays

Drums group

- Drums - Parallel compression for top drum loops on group channel
- Drums - push top loop back in mix
- Drums - saturate percussion
- Drums - use to shape shakers
- Drums single
- Drums - 808 snare booster
- Drums - auto pan hats
- Drums - Big drum saturation
- Drums - Big snare compression reverb
- Drums - Claps - high clap
- Drums - Claps - impact lifter for incidental claps
- Drums - Claps - Squish EDM claps
- Drums - Kick - dynamic compression
- Drums - Kick - fattener
- Drums - Snare - fatten EDM snares
- Drums - Snare - fx for wet impact end snares
- Drums - Snare - lifting compression highlight top
- Drums - Snare - meaty edm snare comp eq
- Drums - top loop fx


- Filter - 3 band filter
- Filter - m-s eq8 band control
- Filter - three separate vowel filters


- bells - dreamy chorus
- chords - warm and pan staccato hits
- keys - beautify key sounds
- piano - melodic breakdown piano livener
- piano - progressive house piano
- piano - warm distortion


- Lead - 80s style lead effect
- Lead - big wide lead sound bosst with chain
- Lead - for boosting and focussing melodic leads
- Lead - mid range lead general start for edm
- Lead - mid range mono bass lead
- Lead - mid range saw lead compress and magnify group
- Lead - parrallel effect master
- Lead - wet super synth leads


- Reverb - 2 in parallel
- Reverb - 3 band reverb and stereo controls
- Reverb - boost top end reverb


- Stereo - adjust position of instrument in stereo field
- Stereo - M/S EQ eight controls
- Stereo - multiband stereo imager
- Stereo - stereo panning
- Stereo - widen and control m-s levels


- Strings - boost strings with comp and reverb
- Strings - increase presence
- Strings - lift electro strings
- Strings - mid high strings and lead layer stereo and eq
- Strings - pan chorus verb and eq
- Strings - sharpen and saturate
- Strings - vintage dirt

Studio tools

- Studio - build rhythms wettener
- Studio - ambient - use on mellow backing synths to add movement
- Studio - ambient - waterise sounds
- Studio - basic noise sweeps
- Studio - concrete erosion and drive for synth
- Studio - drive mid range fx
- Studio - DRY-WET chain selector
- Studio - experiment fx - 01
- Studio - experiment fx - 02
- Studio - general analogue saturate
- Studio - high sweep comp eq
- Studio - Instant harmonizer
- Studio - LOW MID HIGH CHAINS For splitting frequencies (load into each chain)
- Studio - LP and HP Filter sweep for before drop moments
- Studio - m-s dynamic compression
- Studio - Master - roll off mono at 30hz and Stereo at 80hz
- Studio - multiband limiting
- Studio - parallel compression to glue bass and kick on group channel
- Studio - parallel compression with smoothing eq
- Studio - quantised gate audio cutter
- Studio - Sampler - control the start point of wave
- Studio - telephone effect for music samples
- Studio - use on uplifter fx
- Studio - vinyl mid focus


- Pluck - epic distant
- Pluck - life giver to dry plucks
- Pluck - Pluck dynamics
- Pluck - pluck with 3 eq types
- Synth - arp lifter
- Synth - band control of vocal synths
- Synth - big dirty lead bass
- Synth - brighten and widen cut low
- Synth - driven hard channel
- Synth - flatten and merge leadS
ynth - good on arps to delay and fill them
- Synth - group buss synth mixer
- Synth - justice style synth and brass
- Synth - lead boost and saturation
- Synth - mid range chords
- Synth - mono organ leads bring to life
- Synth - plucked reverb
- Synth - push stereo top and drive
- Synth - reduce bass elements and spread mid freqs
- Synth - saw wave - eq adjust and boost (mute to taste)
- Synth - square wave synth enhance
- Synth - tighten with more mid and drive
- Synth - vowellise


- Vocal - amped boost general wide
- Vocal - boost high with angel like effect
- Vocal - clear vocoderVocal - distort and delay vox shouts
- Vocal - fx for call and response occasional chants
- Vocal - lift vocals in mix
- Vocal - vocal chop sequence enchancer
- Vocal - vocal cut sequence enlarger
- Vocal - vocoded resonant background effect
- Vocal - widen backing vocals

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License Agreement

The Following End User License Agreement is included with Ableton Pro Mix Racks. This License is only valid for the individual who has purchased an unopened, new and lawfully made copy of Ableton Pro Mix Racks from a dealer or distributor authorized by Big Fish Audio.

"1. Copyright The Sounds (audio / FX / instrument libraries, samples, loops, voices, patches, packs, soundsets, etc., in the form of products and demonstration audio) are protected by copyright laws and are licensed not sold or given to you. Copyright in the Sounds is owned by Licensor and other than the license rights granted in this agreement all rights in the Sounds remain the property of Licensor. 2. Grant of Licence On receipt of payment in full, Push Button Global Ltd. grants the Licensee the right to download and use the Sounds purchased. The license granted is royalty-free and non exclusive and lasts for the life of copyright on the terms set out in this agreement. 3. Rights Granted The license granted in this agreement allows the Licensee to: - Use the Sounds in combination with other sounds as part of a musical composition (including soundtracks such as films, radio/TV programs or commercials, computer games, multimedia presentations or library music). - Modify or edit the Sounds to use as part of a musical composition for commercial purposes. - Synchronise the Sounds with moving images in respect of any film, television, internet or other media production. - Publically perform the Sounds as part of any music or media production. 4. Limitations i.The Licensee may not claim ownership of the sounds. ii.The Licensee may not use the Sounds (or parts thereof) as audio samples, loops, sound effects, instrument patches / voices, or any other audio format, in isolation or combination or in any sequence of musical events, in any commercial or non-commercial sample, loop or FX library or similar or competitive products that are given, sold or relicensed to third parties, in either software or hardware format, without the express written consent of Push Button Global Ltd. Failure to obtain this consent will leave the Licensee liable for royalty payments for any Sounds used. iii.The Licensee may not use the Sounds (or parts thereof) as audio samples, loops, sound effects, instrument patches / voices, or any other audio format, in isolation or combination or in any sequence of musical events, in any commercial or non-commercial Internet, mobile or computer application, or video or computer game, where they are played individually, in combination or sequenced together with other sounds or images by the end user, without the express written consent of Push Button Global Ltd. Failure to obtain this consent will leave the Licensee liable for royalty payments for any Sounds used. iv.A right to use the Sounds is granted to the Licensee only; it is not transferable. This licence expressly forbids resale, relicensing or other distribution of the sounds, either as they exist or any modification thereof. You cannot sell, loan, rent, lease, assign, upload or otherwise share or distribute original versions or copies of the Sounds , nor transfer all or any of the Sounds to another user. 5. Extensions and exemptions The Licensee may be granted extensions or exemptions to this Licence only via the express written consent of Push Button Global Ltd. Multi-user Licences If the Licensee wishes to share purchased Sounds with colleagues, they must purchase a Push Button Bang Multi-User Licence. Education Licences If the Licensee is an education or training provider, tutor or similar, and wishes to share purchased Sounds with students or learners, they must purchase a Push Button Bang Education Licence. Please contact for further details. 6. Termination The license granted under this agreement, and the Licensee’s right to use the Sounds will automatically terminate in the event of any breach by the Licensee of the terms of this agreement. In such an event, the Licensee will be required to destroy all copies of the Sounds they have produced. 7. Warranty Push Button Global Ltd. expressly disclaims any warranty for the Sounds. The Sounds are sold ‘as is’ without any express or implied warranty of any kind. 8. Indemnity The Licensee will indemnify the Licensor from, and against any and all claims, demands, suits, damages, liabilities and all reasonable expenses, including legal fees incurred by Licensor, with respect to any matter that arises as a result of a breach of this agreement by you. 9. Jurisdiction This License shall be governed by and construed in accordance with the laws of England and Wales and the said courts shall have sole jurisdiction."

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