Big Fish Audio - Aegean Vibes 3 - Exhilarating Mediterranean rhythm and melody
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Aegean Vibes 3

Exhilarating Mediterranean rhythm and melody
Aegean Vibes 3 - Exhilarating Mediterranean rhythm and melody
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People from the Aegean Sea have strong passionate feelings, hence their music has an exhilarating rhythm and melody.
The location is the Mediterranean Sea between Greece and Turkey, with a plethora of beautiful islands, warm and unusual sparkling waters, and friendly people.

At 4 sub construction kits, special organic loops and elements can alter your songs with the brio of the Aegean spirit, or create colorful new tracks by simply putting the pieces together.
There are many diverse style aspects, allowing it to work in practically any type of music.

Overall, it's a 2.25GB file containing 1950 elements, all of which are 100% royalty-free, with exceptionally accurate loops in both timing and tuning, mild compression, and perfect eq added, and recorded with top-of-the-art audio equipment.
Product Details:
. FIFTH DIMENSION_134_BPM_5/8_F#m (566MB)

.  2.32 GB                
.  44.1 kHz/24-Bit
.  1950 Files
 . 20 Acoustic Guitar Loops
.  59 Baglama Loops  
. 24 Classic Guitar Loops
.  126 Bass Loops.  
 .  71 Fife Loops
. 70 Bouzouki Loops
 . 64 Female Loops
. 13 Tzoura Loops
.  39 Ele Guitar Loops
.  19 Keys Loops      
.  87 Male Loops                                        
.  20 Organ Loops    
.  21 Saz Loops
.  21 Thems              
.  62 Bd Loops
.  17 Beat Loops          
. 15 Tamburine Loops
.  13 Bell Loops
. 14 Balafon Loops
. 13 Cabasa Loops
. 7 Dundun Loops
.  38 Darbouka Loops
.  20 Piano Loops
.  35 Hand drum Loops
.  21 Djembe Loops
.  52 Hihat Loops        
.  3 Maracas Loops
.  44 Sd Loops    
 .  3 Battle Drum Loops
.  480 One Shot Files 
. 12 Drum set Loops
.  228 MIDI Files 
 .  6 Hi Bell Loops

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Version Compressed Download Size
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  Full Pack:  1.34 GB

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License Agreement

The Following End User License Agreement is included with Aegean Vibes 3. This License is only valid for the individual who has purchased an unopened, new and lawfully made copy of Aegean Vibes 3 from a dealer or distributor authorized by Big Fish Audio.


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