Big Fish Audio - eMotion LV1 Live Mixer - 64 Stereo Channels - Join a New Era of Live Sound Mixing
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eMotion LV1 Live Mixer - 64 Stereo Channels

Join a New Era of Live Sound Mixing
eMotion LV1 Live Mixer - 64 Stereo Channels - Join a New Era of Live Sound Mixing
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eMotion LV1 is available as a 64-channel, 32-Channel or 16-Channel mixer. For online operation, eMotion LV1 must be connected to a SoundGrid interface and a SoundGrid server.

Join a New Era of Live Sound Mixing

As a live sound engineer, you probably want three things in your show: great sound quality, quick & easy operation of your console, and minimum last-minute surprises. eMotion LV1 gives you all three – and it does it in a way that's revolutionary.

eMotion LV1 is a digital software mixer based on Waves SoundGrid® technology, which can run on your PC or Mac. This means several things:

- It means you have the sound quality you've come to expect from Waves, right there in your console's mix engine. It also means that you have pinpoint-precision control over your sound by running however many plugins you want from the console itself.

- It means you have all the flexibility that software allows when it comes to operating your console quickly and easily, whether you are using multi-touch screens or any other control surface.

- And it means that your console is 100% portable, helping you be 100% prepared in advance for your show.


Control Your Sound with Pinpoint Precision

eMotion LV1 gives you pristine audio quality and detailed control over your sound. This is a result of three advantages:

- The mixer has a 32-bit floating point mix engine that represents the pinnacle of Waves' accomplishments in the field of audio.

- eMotion LV1's channel strip—its basic EQ, filters and dynamics processing—is provided by Waves eMo plugins that are optimized for live environments, with transparent sound, zero latency, and a user interface specifically designed for quick operation, clarity and efficiency.

- Each of the mixer's channels has its own plugin rack, with room for 8 SoundGrid-compatible Waves or third-party plugins. This means that nothing stands between your mixing console and your processors—all your plugins are now controlled directly from the mixer itself.

Up to 64 channels, 8 plugins each – you do the math of the massive mixing possibilities open to you, and what they can do for your sound.


Operate the Console Quickly & Easily

Every aspect of the eMotion LV1 interface has been designed to meet your needs when it most counts. Here are just a few of the features that will make your life easier during the show:

- The main mixer window gives you all the most important info you need at a glance – all channel inputs and parameters, routing, plugin inserts and more – with additional windows providing more detailed views.

- Channel window for focused control of your plugins, including a Touch-and-Slide slider for quick & easy control of all plugin parameters.

- Flexible control of your plugins racks – instantly switch the order of plugins within each rack, copy plugins and their presets from channel to channel, add hardware processors as external inserts on your plugin racks, and much more.

- Support for up to four multi-touch screens, as well as diverse industry-standard control surfaces.

- The exact same user-friendly interface, no matter which display or control device you are using.


Take Your Mixer Anywhere – Always Be Prepared

All digital mixers with a software interface let you edit your sessions offline, without audio, when you're away from the live venue. eMotion LV1 goes one huge step further by letting you actually mix your sessions, with audio, no matter where you are.

Here's how it works. To use eMotion LV1 with audio, you need to connect the PC or Mac running the mixer to SoundGrid-compatible devices – an audio interface and a server. But here's the beauty of it: these can be any computer, any SoundGrid interface, any SoundGrid server – not necessarily the ones you'll be using at the actual show. At the venue, your computer may be a desktop with large touchscreen monitors – but at home, you can use a small laptop or tablet. At the venue, you can take advantage of the SoundGrid network to connect any number of large interfaces with lots of I/O, as well as extra mixers, extra DAWs for playback and recording, and more. But at home, in your hotel room, or on the tour bus, you can use as little as a small server and a compact, lightweight interface in order to mix.

This means that you can always take your full mixing system – as many as 64 stereo channels, limitless processing – in a small carry-on bag or even a backpack. Run a pre-recorded audio session on the LV1, and work on your actual audio mix well ahead of the show – anytime, anyplace.


GUI Shots



eMotion LV1 Key Features

eMotion LV1 64 CH
eMotion LV1 32 CH
eMotion LV1 16 CH
Channels (Stereo/Mono)
Master Channels

- Windows and Mac compatible
- 64 stereo/mono input channels, 36 buss/return channels
- Run 8 SoundGrid-compatible plugins directly on each channel
- Standard channel processing provided by Waves eMo plugins
- 16 auxes, 8 audio groups (stereo/mono), L/R/C/Mono, 8 matrixes
- 16 DCA faders, 8 mute groups, 8 user-assignable shortcut keys
- Compatible with industry-standard control surfaces
- Connect to diverse SoundGrid I/Os & drivers and to multiple DAWs
- 32-bit floating point mix engine, with latency as low as 0.8 ms; up to 96 kHz sample rate
- Sample rate: 44.1–96 kHz
- Patch up to 16 hardware and software SoundGrid I/Os
- Run up to 8 plugins per channel
- All processing is done on an external SoundGrid DSP server
- Option to add a redundant DSP server
- Compatible with up to four multi-touch screens, as well as diverse hardware control surfaces
- Touch-and-Slide slider for fine control over plugin parameters
- 6 control windows: Mixer 1, Mixer 2, Channel, Show, Patch, Setup
- Different control windows can run simultaneously on different touchscreens
- Each Mixer window provides 8 layers, each with up to 16 channel strips
- Each channel strip provides control over its channel's input, dynamics/EQ/filters, plugin rack, sends and routing
- Up to 1000 scenes, including recall filters and recall-safe options
- Sends-on-faders mode per Mixer window for each of the 16 aux busses, with auto cue on aux
- MIDI control over scene change
- Preamp control and digital trim per channel input
- Automatic latency compensation on internal mix busses
- Delay groups for output delay alignmentMultiple outputs available per channel, each with digital trim per output
- Advanced stereo Imager, including balance, rotation, width and L/R panning
- 16 link control groups, providing global control over inputs, plugins, EQ, dynamics and sends for assigned channels
- DCA fader per link control group
- 8 mute groups, with an additional Mute All output option
- Global tempo control per scene
- Show Lock option for locking plugin instantiations, external routing, and complete surface lock
- Comprehensive meter and clip settings
- 8 user-assignable keys for personalization of control over mixer operation (e.g., open specific plugin, tap tempo, recall specific scene)
- Solo-in-place option, with automatic solo-safe sources and destinations
- Copy & paste channel names, processing and routing
- A/B input options, for quick patch changes
- External insert for outboard gear connection, as part of the plugin rack chain
- Offline operation mode, including offline configuration and patching of I/O devices
- Complete channel processing presets, compatible with Waves MultiRack and StudioRack presets

System Requirements:


- Mac Pro (4,1) or higher
- MacBook Pro / iMac / Mac Mini with Intel i5 CPU or higher
- 6 GB
Operating System
- 10.9.5 to 10.11.x
Screen Resolution
- 1280x768 32-bit


- Intel i3 or higher
- 8 GB
Operating System
- Windows 8.1 / Windows 10 64-bit
Screen Resolution
- 1280x768 32-bit
- Windows 8.1 / Windows 10 64-bit with Intel processor


Typical eMotion LV1 Setup


An eMotion LV1 system consists of at least the following:
1. Host computer: Controls the eMotion LV1 mixer as well as the SoundGrid network that connects all devices. The eMotion LV1 application is located on this computer, as are your plugins and preset files. eMotion LV1 runs on both Mac and Windows and supports multiple displays
2. SoundGrid server: This is where your plugins are being processed. The power of the server has direct impact on the number of plugin instances you can run
3. At least one SoundGrid-compatible I/O: Ranging from 2-channel preamps to multiple 128-channel audio interfaces (such as the DiGiGrid MGB/MGO SoundGrid-to-MADI I/Os). All I/O devices are connected to the SoundGrid network via Ethernet
4. SoundGrid-compatible 1Gb Ethernet switch: Links the host computer, the server, and all I/O devices

Large eMotion LV1 Setup


Here is a larger eMotion LV1 mixer setup, with extra control surfaces, more audio interfaces, a redundant server, and more:
1. Host computer running the eMotion LV1 mixer
2. Second multi-touch screen for eMotion LV1 (optional)
3. SoundGrid server
4. Redundant SoundGrid server (optional)
5. SoundGrid-compatible 1Gb Ethernet switch
6. SoundGrid-compatible I/Os
7. Additional computer for playback/recording (optional)
8. External control surface (optional)
9. Outside feed

eMotion LV1 Setup for MADI Stagebox


In this setup, the eMotion LV1 mixer is receiving audio from your MADI stagebox via a DiGiGrid MGB or MGO MADI-to-SoundGrid audio interface. Up to 128 audio channels are being streamed to the eMotion LV1 mixer in real time.

1. Host computer running the eMotion LV1 mixer
2. Second multi-touch screen for eMotion LV1 (optional)
3. Additional computer for playback/recording (optional)
4. SoundGrid server
5. SoundGrid-compatible 1Gb Ethernet switch
6. SoundGrid-compatible I/O
7. DiGiGrid MGB or MGO MADI-to-SoundGrid audio interface
8. MADI stagebox

eMotion LV1 Setup for Avid VENUE System


In this setup, the eMotion LV1 mixer is used in conjunction with an Avid VENUE console. The two are connected via a DiGiGrid DLS audio interface. All your audio channels are streamed to the eMotion LV1 mixer.

1 .Host computer (in this example – tablet) running the eMotion LV1 mixer
2. Additional computer for playback/recording (optional)
3. SoundGrid-compatible 1Gb Ethernet switch
4. SoundGrid-compatible I/O
5. DiGiGrid DLS SoundGrid-to-Pro Tools audio interface with a built-in SoundGrid server*
6. Avid VENUE live mixing system
* Alternatively, you can use a DiGiGrid DLI audio interface and add an external SoundGrid server.
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