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Off The Hook 2 | Interface Magazine

Reviewer: Dave Huizing | Rating: 8 out of 10 Back to Off The Hook 2 product details

Off the Hook has already reached the second issue in its series. The previous issue was a real blockbuster, so it was really exciting receiving this new one from Big Fish Audio.

Just like the previous issue, this set mainly consists of construction kits, but this one is bigger. The complete set consists of 4 CD's and gives you 2 audio and 2 Acidized CD's with WAV files. Beside all kits there's a wide choice of additional drumloops and guitar riffs.

The character of all kits and sounds is much more sweet than raw. There are some raw kits in between, but the soft and liquid sounds that'll float through your speakers are dominating on this one. The quality of the included samples is probably the best of all products that have reached the market, it all sounds real pumpy. The only issue in this is that the guitar riffs sound a bit thin comparing to the rest, but that is to be solved with a little tweaking.

Just slam this one on the hook and enjoy it.

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