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"Yeah baby, coming you to on smooth jazz/R&B 103.2 FM..." Well, that's what I expect to hear at the head of these loops. OTH2 features 32 "construction kits." Each has a mixed demo file, and an average of around 10 elements that make up the demo. Longer elements are looped and acidized, but typically, there are also several one-shots.

An additional drum loop folder has 16 loops that are excellent for layering, and 8 folders of guitar loops. The latter are a particular treat, as there are some wonderful rhythm elements that work for far more than just down-tempo R&B.

Speaking of which, tempos are in the hip-hop zone (mostly 70-100 BPM, with a few slower), and only three break 100 BPM. However, cranking some of these up to locked groove range (133.33 BPM) sounded great layered with DJ tracks. In fact, many of the loops work well at typical house/progressive house tempos of 120-130 BPM.

The quality of acidization ranges from reasonably good; but if you plan to use some of these files at tempos slower than the file's original tempo, you'll likely need to tweak the markers further to reduce flaming. This is a problem only with fairly major tempo changes, but still, with a little more attention these loops could have stretched over a much wider range.

As to overall sound quality, it's fresh and present, but without being overbearing. "Solid" is the adjective that comes to mind; the parts have a carefully-recorded, authoritative vibe. They punch through a track, but with a fist that's wearing a velvet glove. Rhythmically, the feel is great - laying back in the right places, pushing ever-so-slightly in others. There's no filler in this CD, and if you need that kind of late-night, down-tempo R&B, this one hits on all cylinders. Ohhhh, baby!

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