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Guitarra: Spanish Guitar Loops |

Reviewer: JK Swopes | Rating: 4 out of 5 Back to Guitarra: Spanish Guitar Loops product details

What is Guitarra?

This is a collection of 30 guitar loop/kits dedicated to Spanish style guitar playing.

It not only has loops but also chords, strums, and even a playable multi-sampled patch.

The KLI interface allows you to quickly audition and play the patches, tweak the fx, and tweak the tuning of the loops.

It's even got sliced kits broken out so you can play the individual chops from each of the loops on individual keys/pads.

Quick Specs:
- content: 892 MB between multiple formats
- format: Kontakt 4/5, Wav, Apple, Rex, Acid, RMX
- price: $69.95

How does it sound?

One thing I've learned is that Michael Ripoll can play guitar. From Studio Guitars, to Urban Guitar Collection, to this, the quality and style is very usable.

The sound quality of the library is good, no unwanted pops, clicks, or other glitches. I love the fact that you can hear the different fretting and other noises picked up by the mic during the recording sessions in some of the loops.

Having the loops ready to go in various types of kits and patches for Kontakt lets you get in and quickly start experimenting with the sounds, while having access to the actual audio samples still allows you to go in and do you own chopping and editing.

There is a nice variety of loops here, but everything stays within the realm of Spanish style guitar. That's not a bad thing, just something to take note of, it stick to the script in terms of what the library is intended to provide.

What's the Bottom line?

This is another very useful guitar library from Big Fish and Michael Ripoll, and having them in Kontakt format is always an added plus.

I give Guitarra 4 out of 5 subs, the loops are useful and there is enough content that you can always find something in there to take and make your own.

I like that they included a fully playable multi-sampled guitar patch with the loops, that's always a welcome surprise.  Compared to some of the other KLI series, this seemed to have a bit more diversity in terms of how they laid out the sounds. You get the loop kits, you get full loop patches, you get multi sample chords, riffs, arps, and sustained patches, AND you get the sliced up loops. This is a fine sounding library with multiple ways to interact with the content.

To see this product in action, check out JK's video review at

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