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Reviewer: Jono Buchanan | Rating: 9/10 Back to Crush product details


Stadium rock might not be considered the coolest music on the planet but it's named aptly; when bands get this sound right, they fill arenas. Coldplay, Arcade Fire. U2, Death Cab For Cutie and Snow Patrol are bands whose sound is encapsulated by this ambitious and whopping 13.72GB collection. In its assorted folders of WAX. AIFF, Apple and REX files you'll find broad-brushed toolkits of amp'd guitars, solid basses, flexible drum kits, keyboard parts and more besides.

Of particular note are the 'lighter-aloft' piano riffs of which Chris Martin would be proud, and the sonically diverse keyboard textures, to provide washes and atmospheres aplenty, helping to enrich mixes. The drum files are worth the entry fee alone: Multi-tracked kits which you can customize at will with great feel in the playing and variations aplenty.

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