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Electric Ghetto | Computer Music

Rating: 8 out of 10 Back to Electric Ghetto product details

"Rap rock industrial mayhem" claims the cover of this four-CD set (two audio, two ACIDized .wavs), and mayhem is certainly what you get. In terms of format, this is standard stuff: each track contains an ensemble loop and then each separate part on it's own, plus a load of guitar riffs, drum parts and 'Atmospheres' at the end.

The recordings are of good quality, although a lot of the main synth loops suffer slightly from a lack of imagination the programmer's part. Having said that, some of the guitar riffs are excellent and the drum loops alone make this a collection worth hearing.

Stylistically, this is squarely on a nu-metal and industrial tip, although the loops vary from the totally flat-out to the surprisingly chilled in places. One, then, for anyone looking to add some serious edge to their music.

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