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This CD is aimed directly at the electro rock / hip hop fusion market, so you get loads of hardcore breaks and loops alongside rock guitars and acid stabs! A hefty combination of elements to create some fresh hardcore punk b-boys! You realize why Limp Bizkit and the rest are going off so you better get on it quick! But, Even if that's not directly your thing, this CD fulfils various needs. It's a hefty pack with loads of samples: breaks, drums, bass loops, guitar FX, stabs etc. The format is construction kit (40 across the two CDs) but the quality of the kits is brilliant and there are loads of sounds, FX and drum loops in each one. The guitar styles vary from indie picking through to sonic scapes and mad axeman styles. All well recorded, effected and produced giving a high quality raw feel. There's a large section of lead and rhythm guitar loops plus weird atmospheres and more drum loops ranging from 80-190 bpms. The drum loops sound live with a sampled electro feel, and using wicked sounds these loops could be used for other styles of music from hip hop to drum & bass. So, a very phat and versatile CD.

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