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The cover for the CD says 'absolutely authentic breaks' and when you listen, you'll understand why. I don't really want to review this as it's too goddamn good, er BAD! This rates as one of the best breakbeat CDs I've come across. It has that vinyl/valve sound that makes a breakbeat sound real. The BPMs range from 75 up to 114 with most around the 100 mark. These breaks have a real live sound and feel with plenty of fills and thrills! It starts with a selection of extended loops with different endings etc. and then the individual drums cut up. There are plenty of bad breaks here, each with its own individual sound. There are no 'fillers' on this CD, every break has been carefully chosen. The next section is shorter loops, just one or two bars, but still with the individual drums cut up separately. This section is extensive, with the breaks grouped according to tempo. This CD is precious breakbeat material you can't afford to miss!

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