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Reviewer: JK Swopes | Rating: 4/5 Back to Q product details

So what is Q?
The concept behind Q is to provide a toolkit that covers the needs of film composers, video game producers, trailer and movie producers, etc.
But of course as you know, I feel these types of sounds are useful in many different contexts. It comes as a Kontakt powered instrument, so this means you don't need the full version of Kontakt to use it, it works with the free Kontakt player.
They have close to 2000 patches and 16 GB of content, so the idea to the library is combining easy library navigation by breaking down the content into meaningful folders, as well as a straight forward interface that makes the library easy to use and tweak.

Quick Specs
- content: 16gb, nearly 2000 patches
- format: kontakt and kontakt player
- price: $299.95

How does it sound?

Man this thing is so deep and diverse it's hard to summarize it. The very first folder, Ambient Pad Chords, is probably one of my favorite folders in this collection and could stand on its own as a product. In addition to the quirk FX and synths, evolving beds and multi layered drones, they also have some unique "Granular" Orchestra sounds, which I really enjoy.
Of course in with all the weird and other-worldly sounds you also go many drums, hits, and impacts. There's a ton of phrases from vocals to ethnic instruments and even some full ethnic styled loops. The recordings sound clean and crisp as usual and many of them have a unique character do to editing and FX usage.
Speaking of FX, the interface allows you to apply every effect directly from the front panel with one click, and it only takes another single click to bring each effect into focus for deeper editing. There are a few traditional sounds in here like horns, flutes, and guitars, as well as the inclusion of some diverse ethnic instruments.
Some of the vocal stuff is actually pretty useful as well, nice ambient sounding vox patches, some mixed with granular horns and strings.

So what's the bottom line?
I was very interested in hearing this one, as it just seemed there was so much there to be discovered. That said, I definitely had my favorite parts of the library as well as some I felt missed the mark.

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