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What is World Impact?
It's a super deep toolbox of percussion sounds from all over the world. Asia, Africa, South and North America, Europe, Middle East, and a folder dedicate to the Taiko drum! In addition to all the authentic sounding drums, shakers, and tuned instruments like steel drums, vibraphones, glocks, also get a mini sequencer! Well, it's like a 16 step sequencer that you can use to trigger patterns of the percussion instruments.

You get access to humanization features, eq, and the ez room reverb engine. Quick Specs
- Content: 13GB of 24 bit wave samples - Format: Kontakt Player instrument - Price: $399

How does it sound?
Like they recorded real percussion instruments and put them in my computer... Well that's what the did lol. No really, the recording quality is superb and the programming of the instruments is great.  You may think there isn't much you can do do a percussion library, but it sounds really good.

Most of the instruments were recorded dry, so it's not drowned in fx. This allows it to keep it's natural sound...yet you can add any fx you wish.The sounds work well for anyone from film scoring ninja composers to bedroom house producers. Anyone that like realistic and high quality percussion samples....

What's the bottom line?
This is a very decent library, there are tons of instrument in here that I had no idea even existed...let alone how to pronounce their names! If you're like me and always looking for some really good percussion to sprinkle in your music, at least check out the demos of this library.

I give it a 4 out of 5 subs, well recorded, tons of variety, and actually useful. I can see me layering these sounds with my other drum samples to spice things well as letting them roll on their own. Any way you do it, these samples just work out right.

JK Swopes

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