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Every area of musicianship has its rites of passage. For guitar players, it might be memorizing every conceivable chord inversion or the pentatonic scale. And for the electric crowd, it might be matery of the coveted 64th note and the ability to add the right amount of stutter and glitch to your productions. If, however, you just want to cut to the quick, check out Click. This two-CD audio, WAV and Acid collection is chock-full of cool loops that sometimes hint toward drum 'n' bass and at other times point toward Autechre. The files are arranged into themes such as Cinematic Clicks, Jazz Clicks or Lo-Fi Clicks. A few of the selections felt a bit half-baked whereas others seemed to jump out of the speakers. But on the whole, Click. would be an excellent resource for rounding out a production with some truly modern-sounding percussion elements.

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