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Reviewer: Dave Huizing | Rating: Contents: 8.5 Originality: 9 Sound quality: 9 Price/performance: 8.5 Back to Guitar Studio product details

The amount of guitar cd's are only kept with multi samples. That's really good if you have enough inspiration, but if you haven't got enough it's always handy to have a set like this one with played loops.

The set consists out of 2 CD's one with audio tracks, and the second CD that brings you all the WAV files made ready for Acid as well. This set is divided in styles like acoustic, metal, hard rock; but also jazz, blues, funk and many other styles. In each section there's a huge amount of very well played loops that are really catchy. For the acoustic sections there's a sort of sensitive Spanish guitar used, while the Yamaha's and the good old Ibanez run like a train track trough the rougher sections. Especially the metal riffs are played very well. A band like Limp Bizkit wouldn't need any additional guitar player.

All loops are very well sorted and pronounced with the right tempo and the key which they're played in. The booklet keeps you right on track as well, in case you don't use files. Each and every loop is played with the maximum amount of human feel. Sometimes it might be a bit too rough, depending on the style, but it still has that little thing you're probably looking for, but that's a matter of taste.

In all, there's not a thing wrong with this product. It's just a matter of time before you start replacing that guitar player.

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