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Roots of the Middle East & North Africa | Computer Music

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Tabla, daholla, katem, mazhar, riq, tabl, merjana, tayaran taoyan and other such exotic and indecipherable instruments have been used here to create a wicked set of percussion loops and beats in all kinds of signatures, including 4/4, 3/4, 6/8 and 6/4 to name a few. There's a host of great samples and loops on here in a variety of tempos and the recordings are crisp and great sounding. The cheaper CD is presented in audio format, so you'll have to toil through the rigours of ripping and chopping it all up, but it's well worth the effort because the beats are just packed with Eastern flavour and charm - wave goodbye to hours toiling over your latest bongo beat! Add a touch of Eastern pzang to your grooves with this well thought-out and brilliantly executed collection.

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